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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

10 Day Friend Challenge: Day 1: Your Oldest Friend

The friend I am still in regular contact with that I have known the longest is Aimee. We met when we were 8 years old and starting a new school in year 4. We had the same lunchbox (Barbie) and Swimbag (Barbie) and decided that meant we were destined to be best of friends. We also share the same birthday which has been pretty amazing through the years and we have shared some great birthday memories. I would truly be lost without her (I am sure she will feature at least once more in this challenge) and am so glad we met back when we were young as it has given me a true friend for 14 years and counting....

Aged 15 with some of our other friends from school

On our 18th Birthday

Celebrating at my aunt's wedding in Summer 2007

During Uni, on a Seminar Social for my Course with Aimee

On our 21st birthday, I was 5 months pregnant at the time!

10 Day Friend Challenge

I usually start challenges that I have found on other blogs but this time I wanted to find my own and decided upon this short but sweet friend challenge that will allow my readers a little insight into who my friends are and why they are so special to me. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to use it on your own blogs as well!

Day 1: Your oldest friend
Day 2: The friend that knows the most about you
Day 3: The friend that you have the most fun with
Day 4: A friend that you feel you have the most in common with
Day 5: A friend you have been on holiday with
Day 6: The friend that you act crazy with
Day 7: A friend your parents love
Day 8: A friend you have had a road trip with
Day 9: A lifechanging event a friend shared
Day 10: Your best friend

Very Exciting Plans

Yesterday I bought a wedding dress.... No, before you send me off to the local mental hospital, I am still single (and very happy with that) and have no plans on using the dress for my own wedding whenever it might be. I am however doing some bridal modelling this week and needed a cheap wedding dress. I managed to get one for £30 which I thought was pretty amazing. It is a little big as it is a size 12 and I am an 8-10, but I can't really complain for that price, and it is a gorgeous design and bought new would have been a lot of money as the designer is a good one. I had a little play around with a few pictures of it today just to get an idea of what it will look like in the actual shoot and I must say I do like the wedding dress style... I cannot wait for the shoot and to see what the professional shots will look like.

A New Found Love!

I have discovered (perhaps a little late) an amazing app on my iPhone called Instagram which you can use to apply different effects to photos you have taken. It can make even the simplest photos look more professional and I am addicted!

Do you have have the instagram app? Do you love it as well? Let me know!

Picture of the Day: 31st August

Today I am so looking forward to doing this!! Snuggling up in bed after a lonnnnng day! I went over a friends last night and didn't have much sleep, and then was up and driving back bright and early at 7am so that I could attend an appointment with another friend! Since then I have tried to have a bit of a nap but ultimately last nights lack of sleep coupled with a general lack of sleep from being up all night for a week with Cameron has taken its toll on me and I am shattered! Sleep will be good tonight!

30 Day Celebrity Challenge: Day 5: Current celebrity crush

Well I sort of already covered this in my last post as I do love Natalie Portman... but if I had to choose my current male celeb crush it would have to be Johnny Depp, an old classic! He is gorgeous and who cares if he is in his forties, he is just experienced... Mmmmm.... *blushes*

Sunday, 28 August 2011

30 Day Celeb Challenge: Day 4: Current celebrity obsession

I have been in love with Natalie Portman since she was in Black Swan (which I went to see three times at the cinema!). I think she is an amazing actress and I have loved everything I have seen her in. She also recently became a mummy and I think she is a great role model and also very sexy (yes, I have a slight girl crush).....

Photo of the Day 28th August

Today I have been pretty lazy! Cameron went over his nanny's this morning as he had me up every hour last night and I was shattered. I slept in for a bit and then ended up having two nice long conversations with two of my friends which was lovely as I had a good catch up with both girls. One of them was my best friend Aimee, one of Cameron's Godmums who I miss very much since she moved to Cornwall! After I had spoken to them I finally got dressed and went to meet my mum and Cameron and we went for a lovely relaxed Sunday lunch over my nan's house. It was very yummy! Afterwards we hung out there but my lazy streak stopped when I got back to the flat with Cameron as, whilst his dad came round to see him, I got on with the housework doing all the washing up, putting washing on, sorting out the bathroom and my room with the leftover bags from moving. I am back to being lazy now though as Cameron is asleep and I am chilling out with a film on TV.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Products I Love: Nails Inc Nail Varnish

As promised, I have started writing posts on the items I already have that I love and would recommend to others. This is my current toe nail varnish which I love. It was free with Diet Coke (which I am allergic to!), dedication!

It is a lovely shade of bright pink and I have previously had it on both hands and feet. It doesn't chip and lasts ages. I would definitely recommend Nails Inc as a brand!

A Look Inside My Handbag!

This is my handbag:
Bag- Dorothy Perkins

And this is what I stuff inside of it:

HSBC Security Keypad
Groupon Voucher
Pill Pack
Baby Bonjela
Baby Biscuits
Mini Deodrant
Makeup Bag
Mini Dry Shampoo
Nail Varnish
Eye Makeup Case
Tinkerbell Purse

This is my Makeup Bag:
Bronzer- FCUK
Makeup Bag- H&M
Eye Makeup- Free from More Magazine Superfan Day

And this is what I manage to fit inside it:

Bronzer (as before)
Eyeliner- Benefit
Concealer- Collection 2000
Eyebrow Pencil- Soap and Glory
Mascara- Rimmell
Lipgloss- Rimmell
Lip balm
Powder- Rimmell
Foundation- Maybelleine
Eye Makeup (as before)

Autumn = Comfy Clothing!

I have been looking forward to Autumn ever since the Summer turned out to be yet another failure... I cannot wait for all of the exciting things happening for me and my family and friends in Autumn, and I love being able to wear comfy clothing after being in dresses and shorts and skirts all spring and summer. I was aiming to wait until closer to the time to get my warm PJs, but witht the recent bad weather I thought why not, and got these gorgeous PJ bottoms and cosy slipper boots for just over a tenner, bargain!

PJ Bottoms- Primark
Slipper Boots- Matalan

Do you love Autumn and comfy clothing like me? Or are you more of a Summer girl? Let me know!

OOTW 27th August

I have been finding dressing in this weather really hard as it cannot make its mind up whether it will be hot, cold, rainy or sunny! Today I wanted something casual and layered as I was having my tattoo done in the morning. So this is what I wore: (with a Pink Jumper in case it got cold, which it did!)

Vest Top- H&M
Grey Jeggings- H&M

Love This!

I was browsing for photos of Ross and Rachel in Friends and came across this:


30 Day Celebrity Challenge: Day 3: Favourite TV celebrity character

My favourite TV character of all time has to be a duo of Ross and Rachel from friends. I love Jennifer Aniston as an actress and I just find all of David Schwimmer's acting in friends absolutely hilarious! Some of it is purely facial expression, he is just amazing in it, and I think teamed with Rachel in the biggest on-off relationship in TV history, they make for great TV. Who can forget 'we were on a break'?!


Breaking Up after Ross cheated...

Watching their Sex Tape (where they conceived baby Emma)

Apart, but happy with their baby

....and back together right at the end!


25 Day Food Challenge: Day 25 - All the foods you’d eat if you only had one more day to live

Wow!! Well, if I had only a day to live then I would not care about the calroies/fat content etc clearly! So....... here is my line up:

Breakfast: Full English with Toast and a Bucks Fizz

Lunch: Fajitas with a Strawberry Daiquiri or two...with nachos as a side, and New York Cheesecake for dessert

Dinner: Chicken Tikka Masala Curry with poppadoms, naan bread, onion bhajis... and wine.. followed by a dessert of lots and lots of chocolate!

(after all that I would no doubt explode before I died anyway....)

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