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Sunday, 31 July 2011

25 Day Food Challenge: Day 5 - Favorite dinner food

I LOVE dinner, best meal of the day! I have a few tried and tested favourite meals that I always fall back on, though I do love to experiment when I have the time. My favourite dinner would probably have to be curry at the moment... I love a chicken jalfrezi!

Coming close second are fajitas....

....and finally spicy sausage pasta!

So hungry now....which is bad as it is almost midnight!

80's Kid Part 2

I have written a post previously inspired by Rachel from Life of a Sweetaholic about being an 80's kid and what tv shows I watched as a child. Now I would like to tell you about some of my music back when I was younger!

The Spice Girls!


Daphne and Celeste

Backstreet Boys

Britney Spears

Are you an 80's child? Did you grow up listening to music from the 90's? Leave a comment with your favourite retro music from your childhood!

My St Moriz Miracle!!

I have been a St Moriz convert ever since somebody fabulous told me all about it on the More! magazine page many months ago. After establishing that no shops 'down south' sell the miracle tan, I have been resorting to buying the tan online, which is ok, though it is always a bit hit and miss whether the tan will arrive safely or not, and sometimes you end up paying delivery costs. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered one of the alien sounding stores I had heard my northern friends speak of, whilst on holiday!

B & M Bargains is basically just a cut price shop but I walked into it as if it were some sort of designer outlet. It was such a novelty to find the tan I love on the shelf that I am ashamed to say I bought four of them.... and a fake tan mitt whilst I was there.

The whole thing came to under £15 though! I love St Moriz!

100 Things Part 3

My 3rd part of my 100 things that make me smile:

Michael McIntyre


Friends never fails to make me smile :)

Retro Sweets

Babies Laughing (especially my own!)

Finding money you forgot you had!

Amethyst Rings

Shopping until you drop!

Stunning Photography

Drunk Food Purchases - my favourite is Italian BMT from Subway mmmm

25 Day Food Challenge: Day 4 - Favorite lunch food

So, clearly my holiday has left me a bit behind with my food challenge...

My favourite lunch food is a difficult one as I go through phases with lunch. A lot of the time I hate all lunch foods and have a big problem trying to feed myself at lunchtimes as a result. So I will list my most recent lunchtime food fads:

1. Pieces of chicken tikka

2. Soup

3. Jacket Potato with cheese and beans

Some things I bought whilst Away

I haven't much money at the moment, especially with so many payments that will need to be paid for the flat in the next few weeks, but as I was on holiday I did buy a few things whilst away.

1. A Peter Rabbit Door Hanger for Cameron's new room

2. Candy floss

3. A Peter Rabbit Board Book

4. A windmill for Cameron

5. Gemstones for myself, my mum and my nan

6. A lucky buddha for my brother

Ongoing Product Review: Tummy Butter from Palmers

Whilst I was away I bought a stretch mark cream from Boots. It is a hard cream and was a bargain at £4.69!

I have started using this everyday for the last four days and have already noticed a slight difference, but to provide a good review I will be giving it two weeks. Here is a photo of my tummy after 1 day of using the cream:

Remember to keep your eyes open for the 2nd part of the review after 2 weeks for the results!

My Outfits of the Week!

So, whilst I have been away I have had the chance to wear some of my summer wardrobe. These are my favourite outfits from the week:

Going out in Keswick
Top New Look
Cropped Jeggings New Look

My sexxxxxy trainers!

Quiz Night
Top New Look
Leather Mini Skirt Bay Trading

Evening Entertainment
Dress H & M
Cardigan New Look

Floral Wedges New Look

Mountain Climbing
Top New Look
Cardigan New Look

Tourist Activities
Top Primark

Jeans New Look

Top H & M
Cardigan New Look
Black Jeggings New Look

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Company Product Review: Swizzels Matlow New Mini Bags!

Just before I went away I got a lovely email from Swizzels Matlow Confectionary who explained that they had seen my Blog and would like to send me some of their products. On my return home I found a lovely little parcel from them and inside was a letter describing the company's new range of mini bags of sweets. The bags will be sold for 39p individually, or 3 for £1.

The marketing manager Sarah-Louise Heslop explains:

"We're launching this exciting new range now after repeated enquiries from our loyal fan base. This tasty new range is perfect for eating on the go, nibbling at your desk, for weddings, party treats or even decorating cupcakes. These tiny treats will appeal to all sweet lovers".

The lovely letter I got from the company

My tub of sweeties :)

The new range

Lollies and Love Hearts

Skulls and Devils, Teeth n' Toothbrush and Monster Sours
 I opened the box and found 5 packets of sweets that all looked delicious. The packaging is really cute and I especially loved that, despite being called mini, the bags were very generous in size and contained lots of sweets. I had trouble choosing a favourite as they are all really yummy, but I have always loved novelty sweets such as the toothbrush sweets so would have to say they were my absolute favourite. But I also love the mini love hearts, they are just way too cute!
My Favourite- Teeth n' Toothbrush

So teeny tiny!

I would definitely recommend these bags for a little treat, or as Sarah-Louise suggested, I think they could make really sweet wedding favours or part of a sweet table at any event. Very cute and very good value. Love them!
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