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Sunday, 7 December 2014

The importance of being happy

If I have learnt one thing this rather eventful year it is that life is short. Really short. It is too short to be unhappy. To stay unhappy because it's considered the 'right' thing to do. I chose to be happy. Perhaps a selfish decision but one I don't regret. With all my past history of depression, I haven't been truly happy a lot in my life. I am happy now. I'm smiling. Not just for photos or when someone tells me to. But actually can'ttakethesmile offmyface all the time smiling. It feels good. 

I'm going into 2015 with a huge smile on my face and the determination to live life in the moment. Every day is a blessing.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hello Stranger...

Well I have no idea who the audience for this blog is anymore or whether anyone even reads it, other than a small indication from the page stats that at least some people are clicking through from various weird and wonderful search terms (pregnant in leggings anyone?).... So much has changed since my last post that rather than dwelling on the negatives, I thought I would just start afresh with an introducing myself blog post. If you have read my previous posts then please ignore everything you read, it is probably no longer relevant.... 

My latest tattoo and mantra in life 

So here goes.... I'm Emma-Louise and I live on the beautiful South Coast with my two lovely but lively children who are four and two years old. My journey to this point has been at times rather hectic and some of the things that have happened have made for some stressful periods (but provided brilliant subject matter for this blog!). I work full time at a local hotel where I am Wedding & Events Coordinator, it's my dream job and I love it. 

As well as working and being a mum, in any spare time I get, lately I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone as my (somewhat early) New Year's resolution is to try new things and complete some of my 'bucket list'. 

Having only started a few weeks ago, so far I have done fairly well having been harnessed onto a zip wire that took me from the end of the pier to the beach as part of a charity event for work and attending a gig of a band that was definitely not 'me'. Both things made me hugely nervous beforehand but I actually really enjoyed myself. I am looking forward to trying lots of other new things in 2015. 

So if you fancy reading more about my vaguely interesting life then watch this space... 

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