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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's a Leap Year!

I find leap years pretty interesting. It isn't just the whole 'girls can propose' thing, although I must admit, I have found this tradition quite intriguing. I find it weird to think that those people born on 29th February don't actually have a birthday three years out of four meaning that in theory they are younger than they actually are! I would find it so strange to have to change the date I celebrated my birthday most years.

Leap year also means that we technically gain a day which is a nice way to look at it, although I can't say I have made the most of my 'extra' day. My boyfriend had a day off work so he came round and we just had a lovely chilled out time watching TV and having lunch together whilst Cameron was at his dad's house. I probably should have caught up with some sleep whilst I was child-free, but instead I caught up with some blogging, which I have really enjoyed.

I hope everyone has had a good 'extra' day. How did you spend yours?

Film Review: Sleeping Beauty AKA The Worst Film Ever!

Ok, it is not often that I completely out right slag off something. I usually give it a fair chance, and with this film I did give it a fair chance and I was really, really disappointed! I spotted the title of this film on LoveFilm and when I read the synopsis I thought it sounded quite interesting, a little kinky (I'm a fan of kinky films, think Secretary), and something different for me and the boyfriend to watch at the weekend.

I got the film through the post and we sat down over dinner last Friday night to watch it. I really wish we hadn't. The film is arguably the most boring and pointless film ever made. The lead actress is naked throughout 90% of the film, not a huge problem, she is good looking and has a reasonably nice body, but seriously, seeing a naked woman for that long got a bit boring (even for my boyfriend!).

The plot had so much potential, it could have been a really interesting and a great film but instead the director added in scenes that held no relevance to the storyline at all. There was one scene where an elderly man about to sleep with the unconcious female lead (see, I told you it was kinky) decides to ramble on about something, which I literally can't remember because it was so irrelevant and boring, for ten minutes! Seriously, by the end of the film I was willing myself to fall asleep, which I don't think was the intention, despite the title....

If you are wanting to bore someone to death then this film is the one for you, if not, I would say avoid Sleeping Beauty at all costs. Even the end title sequence was boring with white noise in place of an actual song. Oh, and if you really must see this film to judge for yourself, I would suggest renting it as cheaply as you can and then just watching the 30 second menu screen sequence will show you the entire film and allow you to prevent wasting an hour and a half of sheer horror (at how bad the film is, the film is not scary itself).

Food, Glorious Food

My healthy eating has gone off the rails a bit lately but I find it hard to care when it's meant I've got to eat food this yummy.....

Like, Love, Loathe #4


I am enjoying teasing my boyfriend by threatening to propose to him today as it is a leap year. I wouldn't really do it though as I wouldn't want to miss out on being proposed to myself!


Ever since I saw Double Stuff Oreos on offer in Sainsbury's I have been obsessed with them. I managed to get through two packets in a week, not good!! I have now forbidden myself from buying them again as I have no willpower!


Cameron has been unsettled in the night quite a bit lately and I have been suffering throughout the day. As I am unable to drink caffeine I can't have anything that will give me a quick energy boost so I have been feeling awful most days. I am hoping Cameron will be feeling more settled soon so that I can get some much needed sleep!

Love Where I Live

On Sunday I went to look around the area my nan is going to be moving to in a few weeks.

I am actually pretty jealous as she is going to be living right on the seafront in Poole, in luxury new build flats! It was such a nice day on Sunday as well that we even got ice creams and had a nice walk along the Quay.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Project 365 #43 Take you to the Candy Shop

Today I met up with my friend from school, Juliette, who has an 11 month old son called Callum. We ran a few errands in town and then went for lunch at a wetherspoons. After lunch I was craving peach sweets and we ended up going to a tiny little sweet shop with every sweet imaginable in it. I got the peach sweets and some strawberry ones as well. I'm currently sat in bed eating through the bag... Oops!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Project 365 #42 Playing it Straight

Today has been a bad day and I was exhausted by the time I got home. My boyfriend was lovely and came round with stuff for fajitas. After dinner we watched the final of playing it straight which we've been watching the last few weeks. A nice chilled out evening to try and relax!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Project 366 #41 Summery Hair

Today was so warm and sunny that I wanted to do something more summery with my hair so after I'd straightened it, I tied two plaits on either side of my head. I think it gives a lovely Boho twist to my hairstyle and will be perfecting it in time for summer.

My Makeup Story Tag

I spotted a great tag for YouTube earlier and had to join in on my channel. I would love for fellow vloggers to join in. If you do, please leave me your links in the comments!

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To Bath or Not to Bath?

Ok, reading that post title you may be excused to think I am some dirty animal who doesn't wash.... This is not the case, thankfully. I am just one of those people who look upon bath taking to be some disgusting habit only undertaken by people who clearly enjoy bathing in their own dirt (yes, I know nobody is THAT dirty but STILL!!).

I much prefer the ease of jumping in the shower and literally spend only about two minutes if that when I am not washing my hair. Even when I am washing my hair I rarely go over ten minutes in the shower. It just feels so uneccessary!

Running a bath takes blooming ages and then once you get in you feel you need to stay in there for a long amount of time just to make it worth the effort of running it.... This is not really an option when I have a 17 month old son. I am lucky if I can even shower on my own without him wanting to come and throw shampoo and other objects at me whilst I'm in there.

Then there's the matter of what to do when in the bath? I get bored after about a minute and need to DO something (no, not that dirty minded people). I end up tempting fate and playing on my iPhone (clearly dangerous but at least I have insurance now!). I usually end up getting too bored and getting out after about ten minutes.

The reason I am writing this rather rambling post? Tonight I have decided I want a bath and am currently running it.... I am determined to get back some of the peaceful tranquility of bath time that I had when I was pregnant with Cameron two years ago. Wish me luck....

Hair and Makeup Day!

As you know, I went on a hair and makeup day course yesterday. I had bought it on Groupon months ago for £29 rather than £300 but wasn't too sure what to expect and almost didn't go as I was so nervous about it. I did go and I really enjoyed myself, so I must remember that next time I am lacking confidence to do something on my own (happens a lot).

I arrived at the hotel the course was being held at fifteen minutes early and got a bit fed up when the receptionist told me to wait at the bar and I looked like an idiot amongst a huge hen party all dressed in their PJs still. I saw a couple of girls go somewhere else so decided to ask at the bar this time and one of the waitresses managed to locate the right room for me. I was worried that the mirror I had brought with me (a pretty big and ornate dressing room one) was going to be too big but the course leader was really nice and said it would be fine. More girls started coming into the room and the course started.

My desk :)

We were asked to write our names down and then get set up. I was sat on a table with three sisters who were all aged between 35-45 and another older woman and a young woman around my age who I found out was four and a half months pregnant, which gave us a lot to chat about and really helped put me at ease.

My pen and pad

We watched demostrations by the course leader on some of the girls and then were asked to recreate the look ourselves on our own tables.

We were given handouts to help recreate looks back home

I learnt some great tips which I will share with you at the end of the post. One of the best things we did on the course was learning how to perfect the smokey eye look, something I have tried and failed to do well everytime I have gone out on a night out.

My smokey eye

At 11am we had a fifteen minute break and then got back to our eye makeup, learning how to create the perfect flick with liquid or gel eyeliner. At 1pm we had an hour lunch break and then the afternoon was dedicated to hair. We all paired up and had to curl each others hair using straighteners. I have only ever been able to curl with my GHDs and I got a bit confused by the course leader's demonstration as she curled differently. The woman I was paired up with was an older woman and she didn't quite get the concept which meant that my hair fell out very quickly, but to be fair to her, for a first attempt it looked pretty good.

My curled hair

We also watched the course leader demonstrate how to back comb properly and how to make a messy bun. At 4pm the course finished and we were all given our certificates and a goody bag which had some lovely makeup in it.

Overall I enjoyed the day and found it useful to learn some tips and tricks for doing my own hair and makeup. However, there is no way I would say the course was worth the £300 price tag, and I would not have paid it if I hadn't have had the Groupon voucher. I think the makeup tutorial was good, but I thought we would be learning more than basic base makeup application and smokey eyes (we didn't even get to our lips). I also thought the course should have been more fair towards people with different lengths of hair. I am fortunate to be able to curl my short hair, but one woman even left at lunch because it just wasn't worth her staying when all the hair section was aimed at people with long hair. To make it more fair the course could include something for those with shorter hair, although I did find the tips interesting and could always use them when my hair has grown or on friends.

I would not recommend this course unless you happen to find it on Groupon as I did. The certificate is not recognised by anyone and the goody bag, although nice, was not the promised MAC goody bag (they had already explained that it wouldn't be because of a lot of fake MAC products in ciculation but the makeup which was given instead was hardly of the same calibre). I did enjoy myself but for someone who already wears a reasonable amount of makeup, a lot of it was things I already knew.

Tips and Tricks from the day:

-A facial primer is not necessary unless going out in the evening and wanting the makeup to last and last. Simply cleansing, toning and moisturising before applying makeup is sufficient for day makeup

-Apply concealer prior to foundation and use a combination of different shades under the eye to create a more natural effect (this helps to prevent having a 'reverse panda eye' where a pale semi-circle is visible under the eye)

-When applying foundation to yourself use fingers rather than a brush or sponge as it means less product wastage and the heat from your fingers will help the foundation sink into the skin better and get into hard to reach areas such as around the nose.

-A good foundation match will mean that you can apply it just to your T-Zone without it being obvious. The foundation should be applied from the centre of your face outwards to create a more natural effect

-As with concealer, it is sometimes necessary to mix and match foundation shades for different areas of your face. Different seasons can also mean a change in the shade needed for foundation with warmer tones needed during Spring/Summer and cooler shades during Autumn/Winter

-A loose translucent powder is the best kind to use to set your foundation. It should be dappled onto the face using a powder brush and never wiped on as this will wipe the foundation over the face. Once the face is completely dry to the touch you can add to your makeup

-Contouring is hard to achieve but can help transform your entire face shape so is definitely worth working at. Contour sets are best to use and can be bought relatively cheaply, but otherwise simply use a bronzer and either a highlighter or a pale nude eyeshadow (I used a very light one which was almost white in colour). Sucking in your cheeks and looking like you are tasting a very sour lemon, brush the bronzer upwards from the centre of your cheeks towards your temple using a blusher brush. Once enough bronzer has been applied, add a small amount of highlighter above this line and blend together. Use a blusher if required to apply a small amount of colour to the apples of your cheeks only (make a really fake smile in the mirror to get the right parts of your cheeks)

-Contouring isn't just about the cheekbones, it can be used to hide double chins or large forheads or to create the illusion of a different shape of eye or nose.

-Applying a brow pencil is necessary if the brow is very thin or has been overplucked, but if all you require is some definition, an eyeshadow in a colour similar to your hair colour is a better idea and can look more natural. Brush the colour gently over your natural eyebrow arch to really frame your eyes

-Smokey eyes can be achieved by being patient and building colour and intensity up slowly. Start of with a light shade such as a pale beige or a pale gold (I used a pale gold). Using an eyeshadow brush, gently sweep the colour onto your lid, not going to far up. Once the first colour is applied, choose a similar colour in a slightly darker shade to intensify the shadow. Only apply this shade to the outer corner of the eye and then use a blending brush to blend the two colours together

-Once you are happy with the two base colours, slowly add the third and final colour just to the outer corner of the eye and then up towards the brow slightly in a sidewards V shape. Keep blending and applying until you are happy with the effect. It is easier to add a little and top it up rather than adding too much at the start and having to start over

-To apply a liquid or gel eyeliner you can either use a product which has an attached eyeliner brush, or if you are applying to someone else or just want a more precise line, you can buy a seperate eyeliner brush, or even a thin paintbrush (often cheaper and more precise).

-Apply mascara before applying a liquid liner as this will give you something to rest upon when drawing on your line and make it easier to stay steady. Eyeliner should always be applied from the outside corner in, even if you are not applying to the bottom lash line, it can be used as a guide for the top line (despite these great tips, I will be sticking with my Soap and Glory liner as it is more like a felt tip pen and very easy to use)

-Lipliner is not necessary unless wearing a very dark shade


-Curling with straighteners can be achived better when hair is sectioned completely (rather than just sectioning the part you are currently curling)

-By pinning the curls in place, the hair is kept out of the way whilst continuing the curling process but also helps the curls to stay in longer and holds the shape better

-If a curl is not completely rounded and there is a straggly piece of hair at the end, simply recurl the very end of the hair in the same direction as the existing curl

-Backcombing is often abandoned because girls are afraid to damage their hair and so only make a half-hearted effort. Backcombing can look amazing if done correctly. Section the hair at the crown of the head and, using a pin tail comb, push the comb into the hair and then down at a 45 degree angle. Don't then bring it back up again as it will just comb out the knot. Simply take the comb back out and do the same to the next section. Continue all over the section of hair needed and make sure you use lots of hairspray

-Once the backcombing is finished, use a very soft bristled brush to gently comb over the hair and hide it. Use more hairspray and style as required around it

-To create a messy bun simply bring all the hair up into a messy ponytail, the more loose ends hanging out etc the better. Divide the ponytail into four quarters and work on each one seperately, twisting the hair around and up. At the top, divide the end up until you have a tiny few strands of hair and then gently pull these strands until the section of hair begins to curl itself back down. Pin the hair to the head and repeat on all four sections. Once finished, tease the hair out and add more pins as necessary to create a boho style bun that looks pretty but effortless. To make a more chic look just spend more time teasing the hair back into the centre and pinning. To create a messier look, backcomb the sections rather than teasing them

Top Products:

-Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is pretty cheap but creates flawless skin and smells gorgeous as well (seriously, smell it)

-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer is one of the best around and only costs just over £4!

-Sleek Contour Kit is only £6.99 but is amazing at creating cheekbones and chiselled jawlines

-Buy a paintbrush from any art store for around 99p rather than an expensive eyeliner brush

-Maybelleine have come out with a gel eyeliner which rivals the MAC one for just £7.99

-Not something I learnt from the course, but from buying my first lot of makeup brushes in preperation I discovered just how amazing the brushes from H&M are! They are so cheap as well at just £1.99 for a duo eyeshadow and blending brush and £2.99 for a duo foundation and powder brush! I also love the smell and taste of their range of lipglosses and they are only £1.99!

-The Natural Collection do a really nice range of lipsticks for just £1.99. I have a beautiful coral colour which I bought for the course and it comes out so nice and nude and just enhances my natural lips perfectly when applied using a lip brush (which, as you asked, was from Boots No.7 range for just £2 with the current £5 off voucher).

Hope you enjoyed my post! The course has definitely made me more enthusiastic about experimenting with my makeup so look out for some future makeup related posts!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Project 365 #40 Makeup Course

As I mentioned, today was my makeup and hair course at a hotel in bournemouth. I will be doing a bigger post on this telling you all the tips and tricks I learnt whilst on the course but for now, here's my attempt at a smokey eye!

Friday, 24 February 2012

11 Questions Tag

I was tagged  by the lovely Charlotte from Confessions of a Small Town Girl to answer her 11 questions tag. As I only just completed a very similar tag I will be answering Charlotte's questions but I won't be tagging anyone else to answer more questions.

1. If you could have one item with you if you were stranded on a desert island, what would it be?
Can I have Cameron? He isn't really an item though so if I had to have an actual item I would cheat and have my iPhone, with a rechargable solar powered battery so I could always be connected to friends and family :P
2. Who's your favourite actress and why?
A tie between Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman and Jennifer Aniston
3. No 1 beauty product you can not live without
I am actually in love with my stretch mark oil at the moment. I didn't use it enough when I first had Cameron so I do have some stretch marks still. I am trying to use it twice daily now to make a difference!
4. The worst beauty product you have ever used?
I absolutely hated the BB cream that everyone else seems to rave about. It's like a really bad tinted moisturiser in my opinion.
5. What is your favourite time of the year?
Christmas!!! Love it so much!
6. How many nail polishes do you own?
erm, more than I care to count. I have a big makeup bag full of them and at a guess would say around 25
7. Whats the one item you'd love but could never afford?
I would love to be able to afford proper hair extensions for while my hair is slowly growing but I have a lot of other things more important even if I did have that kind of money.
8. Your best memory as a child?
Definitely spending time with my nan and grandad at their house in Kent. I also went to Disney every Christmas for a few years when I was younger which was amazing.
9 . Which celebs hair do you wish you could have?
I love Eva Longoria's hair, so beautiful
10. Is there anything you've wanted to do but never had the guts to do?
I like the idea of things like bungee jumping but I would never be able to them in reality. I also want to have the confidence to do more on my own.
11. Your biggest achievement?
Graduating University and having a baby in just over a year's time!

Project 365 #39 Highlights

My hair has been really getting me down lately as my roots had started really showing. I couldn't justify spending £60 on highlights though. Luckily, a few weeks ago there was a Groupon for a cut, blow dry and highlights for £24 in my area. I was so pleased with how my hair turned out. Groupon is my saviour!

Project 365 #38 Fun in the Sun

Yesterday was so warm after all the freezing cold weather we've had lately. I took advantage of the heat wave and took Cameron to the park to play. We had a great time and it definitely helped wear him out, he slept really well for the first time in a few days last night.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Makeup Course

A few months ago I bought a hair and makeup one day course on a whim from Groupon. When I remembered a few weeks ago upon receiving an email from the company I wasn't too sure I wanted to attend the course anymore. I am interested in marketing and events again and not really wanting to get into beauty as I did a few months ago. However, I have already paid for the course, and it would be good to learn a few tips and tricks to use on myself. The email I got from the company gave me a list of things I would need to take with me and I didn't have quite a lot of them so I made a trip into town.

I have never had makeup brushes before as I don't really see them as necessary, but I am quite looking forward to seeing how different makeup application is with them. The biggest bargain was the foundation and powder brush from H&M which only cost £2.99. I also got my makeup mirror and lip brush for a couple of pounds each as Boots are currently doing their £5 off no.7 vouchers again. I have never used a pintail comb before so it will be interesting to see how it helps when doing my hair.

Overall I am quite excited for the course, although also a little nervous as I don't know what to expect from it. I will do a post next week to let you all know how I got on and what I learnt.

What I'm Listening To

Lately I have been feeling nostalgic for my younger, wilder days prior to becoming a mummy (probably due to the fact that Cameron has not been feeling very well and so has been keeping me up all night lately).

I have been listening to songs from a couple of years ago and loving them all over again:

Timbaland ft Katy Perry: If we meet again

Taio Cruz: Break Your Heart

Agnes: Release Me

3OH!3 ft Katy Perry: Starstrukk

Lady Gaga: Paparazzi

Flo Rida: Low

Are there any songs that take you back to a different time?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Project 365 #37 OBEM and Cuddles

I love watching OBEM but usually give it a miss when my boyfriend is over. Tonight, however, we watched it together. Cameron would not go to bed earlier on so he was giving my boyfriend a cuddle in front of the tv and fell asleep. So cute!

Project 365 #36 Yummy Pancakes

Yesterday, after an initial disastrous incident with gone off milk, I managed to make a good batch of pancakes and they were so yummy!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Like, Love, Loathe #3


I am liking having flowers around the house at the moment. When we moved in, I bought myself a bunch of pink tulips and then my mum bought me some for Valentine's Day and last night my boyfriend bought me round a lovely bunch as well. They make such pretty decorations!


Ironically my love for this week is Love Film! I have written a post previously about how much I am enjoying my two month free trial with them and I continue to be hugely impressed by them! So far I have seen four DVDs and am eagerly awaiting my next two. As someone with very little money I have not been able to see as many films as I would like recently so my Love Film list is huge!


Every time I have gone food shopping lately I have wanted to buy a magazine, only to have a quick look through my usual ones to find they have barely anything worth reading in them. Instead, I have taken to buying Mum and Baby magazines when I want a magazine fix as they actually have so much more I can relate to in them and useful information that is actually worth spending my money on. Maybe I really have started to grow up...
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