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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Baby Carly Olivia Moore is Finally Here!

It's been just over a week since my last pregnancy update and I am so pleased to be able to finally say that baby Carly is now here!

I went into labour last Thursday 15th during a reflexology treatment. My contractions slowly got closer and closer together and I finally allowed my mum to persuade me to go into the maternity hospital at 10:30pm by which point my contractions were 3/4 minutes apart and I was 3cm dilated.

I had the gas and air after about half an hour and tried out the birth pool, although I had to get out quite quickly after the baby's heart rate slowed and I needed to be attached to a monitor for awhile. At around 3am I was examined and had my waters broken (I definitely still had high fluid levels as it went EVERYWHERE!) which really sped things up.

On gas and air

I was in a lot of pain and had a shot of pethidene to help me cope. I went from 4cm to 10cm dilated in around an hour and the midwife didn't believe me when I told her I was feeling pressure and needed to push. I had to stop using the gas and air as the pain was so intense and I needed to concentrate on getting my daughter our. After she eventually examined me it was time to push and within ten minutes I had my baby girl in my arms!

She was born at 4:34am weighing 7 pounds 15 and a half oz. It all went by in such a blur that I was pretty overwhelmed and couldn't quite believe I finally had my baby girl! Tim and my mum were amazing birth partners throughout and so encouraging. Tim cut his daughter's cord and got very emotional. I had a bath and got changed and we left the hospital at 9am, it was all very straightforward.

Our perfect little family <3

Since she has arrived I have been settling into being a mummy to two children. Cameron is loving being a big brother and keeps giving baby Carly lots of kisses and cuddles. I am so happy to have my little family complete and am looking forward to our first Christmas all together as well as finishing planning our wedding (just got to slim down before dress shopping!).

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 40 Weeks (Due Date!)

What's going on with me this week:

Babycentre says:

"After months of anticipation, your de date has been and gone, and... you're still pregnant. It's frustrating, but lots of women find themselves in this situation.

In TV dramas, labour always begins with the waters breaking – in the middle of a crowded room, of course – just before contractions start. The reality is that, even if your membranes do rupture, your baby's head will tend to act like a cork at the opening of your uterus (womb). If you lie down, however, you may notice fluid leaking. Your body will continue to produce amniotic fluid until your baby is born.

Try to stay calm if your waters break or you start to feel contractions, but do call your doctor or midwife straight away. You may be advised to wait at home until contractions are really under way".

What I feel this week:

I am pretty impatient to be honest. My migraines are still really bad and codeine doesn't even work anymore which makes looking after Cameron near impossible. I didn't want to go into labour at the weekend as it was my mum's 50th birthday party, but now I regret wishing for baby to stay inside as now she is way too comfy in there.... I have now had two sweeps and, although I have had some signs of early labour, I am yet to go into full labour.... My induction has now been booked for next Tuesday so at least I know I will have my baby by the end of next week at the latest... Generally I am trying to take my mind off everything and just spend some time with Cameron and Tim before the baby arrives, but it is hard when I am now so massive that it is difficult to even move around the house. I will be so much happier when the baby is finally here with us!

What is going on with my baby this week:

Babycentre says:

"Rest assured your baby is quite cosy where she is. She is getting a little heavier and may grow a bit more in length. The average baby is about 51cm long from head to toe and weighs about 3.4kg at birth. But if your baby is anywhere between 2.5kg and 3.8kg, that's a healthy weight.

Your baby continues to shed the greasy, white substance (vernix caseosa) which has been protecting her skin. If she shows no sign of making an appearance after another week, she may have slightly dry skin when she arrives.

Your baby has mastered all the skills she'll need after she's born. She can instinctively search for her thumb and suck it, just as she will search for your breast for a feed soon after birth".

What my baby looks like inside this week:

What my bump looks like this week:


Monday, 5 November 2012

Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks!

What's going on with me this week:

Babycentre says:

"It's all about watching and waiting now, as your baby could arrive any day. Your baby could be up to 50cm long, and weigh about 3kg. But that's only an average figure. As soon as your baby is born, your midwife will weigh him, and it's only then you'll know for sure how much he weighs
And if the week passes and there's still no baby? Try not to worry – babies have a habit of not arriving on their scheduled due date. Most doctors wait another two weeks before considering a pregnancy overdue".

What I feel this week:

I am definitely starting to get impatient now. There is also now the worry that the baby will come when it is not a good time as I have events coming up at the end of this week! I am due a week today but due to having constant migraines, the hospital eventually have agreed to allow me to have a sweep done on Wednesday, which if favourable, might help me to go into labour. If that one doesn't work I will hopefully have another one the week after and if that doesn't work either I have been told I will be allowed an induction a few days early when I would be 41+2. I have been given an estimated weight of 7'5 which scares me a bit as Cameron was only 6'9 at birth and the baby is still in there growing, but I just have to remind myself that the baby is healthy and happy and that is really all that matters. I am getting so fed up of people telling me that the baby will come when she is ready as I know this, I am just very uncomfortable now and not getting any sleep anyway so might as well have her here to keep me up at night!

What's going on with my baby this week:

Babycentre says:

"Your baby is shedding the greasy, white substance (vernix caseosa) which has been protecting his skin. This turns the amniotic fluid, which was once clear, pale and milky. The outer layers of your baby's skin are also sloughing off as new skin forms underneath".

What my baby looks like inside this week:

What my bump looks like this week:

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