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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Back to Blogging...

Hi everyone, did you miss me?

With the new baby things have been extremely hectic around here, as you can imagine. Carly has settled in really well but as she is still so little I am getting many a sleepless night. I nearly cried with happiness when she managed 6 hours straight last night! Fingers crossed for more of the same. Cameron has understandably been a bit jealous but he adores his baby sister and gives her lots of hugs and kisses. Carly is now 5 weeks old and she is already growing up too fast! I weighed her yesterday and she is now 10 pounds, so has gained two pounds in just over a month, not too bad!

Meanwhile, I have managed to lost two and a half stone of my pregnancy weight through healthy(ish) eating and breastfeeding alone which is great, although I am well aware I may put a bit back on over Christmas! I plan to take it easy over the next couple of weeks (I mean, seriously, who diets over Christmas?!) and then come back in the new year and get my pre baby body back!

I will be doing the healthy eating/treat exercise plan I did when I had Cameron as it worked really well. I want to ideally get down to 9 stone, which means probably around a stone to lose once I have gained 'holiday weight' next week. I am also starting back at my old exercise class which I am actually totally looking forward to as I missed the class over the last 10 months (expect to see lots of posts on my new year goals and weight loss journey in the new year).

Talking of wedding dresses, the wedding planning is coming on leaps and bounds. Having already secured our venue for the ceremony and the evening reception, as well as our photographer, we are now moving onto the more creative side of things and have been buying supplies to make our own save the date and wedding invitations in the New Year. I am also making our wedding favours and have already bought the material and ribbon for the bags. I will be putting up some posts in the next month on our DIY wedding including a step by step guide on how to make Save the Dates, Wedding Invites and Favour Bags.

Once I have toned up and lost that pesky last stone I am looking forward to going wedding dress shopping with my mum who has very kindly offered to buy me my dress! I keep seeing beautiful dresses in shop windows and having to restrain myself from going in! Once I allow myself to start looking, expect to see my dream dresses on the blog (must remember to make sure Tim doesn't look on here!).

Also coming up on the blog expect to see the return of regular posts such as 'Plans for the Month', 'Cuddles with Cameron' (now of course joined by Cuddles with Carly!) and 'What I did this Week'. I will also be hopefully doing some product reviews in the New Year of all things mum, toddler and baby. The blog will be taking on a couple of different angles as I want to write both about being a mummy and all that entails as well as wedding planning, which is very relevant for me at the moment and also links in with my degree of Events Management. I hope my readers enjoy the changes coming to the blog! Please feel free to send in any suggestions you may have for blog posts.

Hope you have an amazing Christmas and a very happy new year 2013 lots of love (Not so) Yummy Mummy (I'm working on it!)
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