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Saturday, 30 April 2011

A little update as I miss Blogging... My Birthday so far!

I am in the middle of my birthday weekend, though my plans have gone a little wrong due to people not being able to join me in celebrating my birthday after all.....

Luckily I have the most amazing family ever and my birthday was saved from disaster today by my wonderful mum who took me out for dinner and cocktails whilst Cameron was looked after, which gave me a break. We then came back to hers to watch Dear John and eat strawberries and chocolate buttons, mmmm!

At Frankie and Benny's with my yummy Strawberry Daquiri mmmm

Mum stealing my drink!

I am also looking forward to going out for a few drinks tomorrow night with my brother and cousin, both of whom are travelling back to Bournemouth just for my birthday so I am very grateful!

Apart from the slight glitch in plans for tonight and tomorrow night, my other celebrations have gone well. On thursday afternoon I left for Weymouth with my mum and Cameron and we had a great night and day there. The hotel was gorgeous and we went out for a lovely meal before going for a walk along the promenade and stopping off at an arcade where I won Cameron a bright pink fish toy. Back at the hotel we watched Big Fat Gypsy Royal Wedding with wine and chocolate in our comfy hotel bed and then once mum was asleep I watched Family Guy and Don't Tell the Bride the best bits, love a bit of TV once Cameron is fast asleep!

Hotel room!

At meal in Weymouth

Searching for pennies to feed the toy machine!

The next morning, despite being determined not to, I ended up watching the Royal Wedding on TV, with a short break at half 8 to have a lovely cooked breakfast. Check out was at 11am latest, but we were ten minutes late as we were stood watching Kate Middleton walk down the aisle. We didn't see the rest of the wedding, but did manage to see them leave for their house in the Aston Martin, and the summing up, once we got back to Bournemouth. Instead, we went to the Sealife Centre which cost a bomb but luckily Cameron loved it. He really seems to like fish so I am going to get him one as part of his birthday present, though obviously I will be the one looking after the fish, as he is a bit young! We drove back towards home, stopping off at a lovely but overpriced restaurant where we had some lunch.

At the Sealife Centre with my little man!

That night, my mum had Cameron so I had some lovely time not being 'mummy', watching a film with my uni friends and having some wine and snacks. We ordered pizza and had a bit of a carpet picnic feast going on. We watched tv and just had a bit of a catch up and a laugh before falling into bed. I managed to have the best nights sleep in ages, though I was up early out of habit! Today I have been hanging out with Cameron and my mum. We did some shopping and I bought a gorgeous swimming costume for my spa day on Monday as I have been eating a lot over this weekend and feel a bikini, on my birthday might not be the best of ideas to make me feel great! We also got the food for my birthday tea, which is a bit of a tradition, very excited about it as we got loads of yummy things, and a little birthday cake so I can still blow out my candles (big kid!).

Tomorrow I am going for a lovely Sunday lunch over my nan's with some of the family, and then in the evening going for some drinks so I get to dress up a bit and have some more let my hair down time. I will be staying at my mum's so I can wake up there and open my presents before going off to the spa with my friend Sealy. Then it's back to my mum's for the birthday tea.

Hope everyone else is having a great bank holiday weekend, and if you watched the wedding on Friday, how amazing was her dress?! Made me wedding broody!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Exciting Weekend Plans!

I tend to blog every day, can't think of a day I haven't in a long time! However, I might not be too active over this weekend, starting tomorrow as I will be celebrating my birthday!

Yes, my birthday isn't until Monday (2nd May) but I always spread it out a bit and this year it is two birthdays in one as I feel I missed out slightly last year on my 21st as I had a 5 month old baby bump! This year I will be celebrating it for 5 days, unless you also count today when I had my drastic hair restyle...

Tomorrow I am going on a mini break to Weymouth with my mum and Cameron. If you know me by now you will know that me and my mum are more like sisters or friends than mum and daughter and I love spending time with her, as does Cameron, so a night away from home in a nice hotel and a day in a different seaside town will be lovely, even if it is due to rain (according to Cameron's dad, thanks!!).

So I shall be returning from Weymouth admist all the street parties for the silly Royal wedding (hopefully not getting held up by them or I will shouting some very unpatriotic things!).... When I get back I am going to be having a night away from Cameron to fully relax and enjoy some time with my two uni friends Abi and Georgie, watching films and chilling out with facemasks and pizza, yum!

On the Saturday morning my mum is dropping Cameron back for a few hours and depending on the weather I plan to either go to the beach or just shopping before Georgie has to head back home again. In the evening my mum is having Cameron again and the plan is for me and Abi to go out for a meal and some cocktails in pretty dresses!

On the Sunday I am going to properly chill out before heading back over my mum's where I will be staying so I can wake up to presents on my actual birthday (yes I am a big kid!). I am spending my birthday in a bikini in a spa at a lovely hotel in Bournemouth with my friend Sealy. I have never been to a proper spa before so it will be a new experience for me. I am having a facial and a massage as well which will be lovely.

After the spa I am heading back to my mum's again for a birthday tea, which has become a bit of a tradition over the past few years with my family. It will involve family and strawberries, sweets, chocolate and other favourite foods of mine, and of course my birthday cake which I will blow the candles out on (told you I was a big kid).

I will most probably try and drag it out even further, but these are my plans at the moment. I have to savour it though as after this weekend it is going to be sso stressful with two exams in May and then finishing my Dissertation! I definitely deserve to be spoilt this birthday with all that to 'look forward to'...

I am sure I will be on with updates at least once over the weekend as I am a little addicted to the internet (in case you hadn't noticed!) but in case I am not, I hope you have a great bank holiday weekend, and if you are interested in the Royal Wedding, I hope it goes well!

My Diary.... April 27th 2011

I felt awful this morning as I had a bad night with Cameron. In the morning I just wanted to sleep and sleep but he had other I put his Spot DVD on for him, but he didn't want to sit and watch it, he wanted to crawl around...

Eventually Cameron had a nap so I got a bit more sleep and lazed around a bit until Midday when I suddenly realised I had tonnes to do and no time to do it in!

I sped around packing all our stuff up, feeding us both, dressing us both etc and got back over my flat at 2pm where I put some washing on and had a shower.

I took Cameron out in his pram into town and did a bit of shopping, returned the awful dress I had got for my birthday in the post office and then had a problem locating the hairdressers I was having my hair restyled in...

My hairdresser was lovely and we talked lots about the sort of cut I wanted before she started. I had a great experience and loved what she did with my hair, though my mum, who came to look after Cameron during it was looking scared as she loves my long hair!

After having my hair all chopped off I went back to the flat and Cameron's daddy came round to see him for a couple of hours. We gave him a bath and then Ashley left and I watched The Only Way is Essex before getting into bed to start on my revision-argh!! No rest for the wicked ;)

Please let me know what you think of my new hair, I personally love it but it is quite drastic!

Winner of the Summer Competition is.....

So I stupidly left my phone that has the random name picker app on it that I usually use at my mum's flat, so instead I used one of the online fruit machines as I have seen a lot of other blogger use them. So.... the winner of the Start of Summer competition is....

.....Emily Joiner! Well done Emily, I will email you so I can get your address and send the prize out to you asap! Thanks to everyone who entered, and to those of you that wanted to enter but are international followers, I am very sorry but due to postage costs being so high, none of my current competitions are open to other countries. I will make this clear in future competitions however as I understand it was not made clear this time.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Diary.... 26th April 2011

Cameron and me left the house with my mum this morning at 8am and were dropped at my flat.

I had a productive morning tidying the flat and sorting out Cameron's baby clothes that no longer fit him.

We went to meet my friend Charli and her baby Mikey and all of us went for a walk to Southbourne where we had a drink in a pub garden in the sunshine.

After having a chat back at Charli's flat, me and Cameron went to Castlepoint shopping centre and I exchanged a pair of shoes for a top in H&M and got a few baby bits from Asda.

We went back to my mum's flat and hung out with my brother for the rest of the afternoon and I made us dinner of Fajitas!

The rest of the night has been spent trying to decide on how to have my hair cut tomorrow, am thinking of a bob like Jennifer Aniston's.... but am still unsure!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Enter Tanya's Mystery Giveaway!!

Pop along to Tanya's blog right now to enter her fantastic mystery prize giveaway! The competition closes Monday 2nd May (My birthday!!) at 12pm so make sure you don't miss out by entering right now, simply follow the instructions on the post.

Click here!

Introducing 2 New Features!

I have had lots of helpful readers complete my poll already. If you haven't yet, there is still a chance as it closes tomorrow.

From looking at the results at present, there are five things that readers seem to want more of. These are more about Cameron and motherhood, more giveaways, more product reviews, more about me and finally an outfit of the week. These final two features I will be starting this week.

I will be starting a feature called My Diary, which will be posted each day with bullet points of my day and a photo from my day to sum it up. This will act as an insight into my life and is going to be a little experimental for a week or two to see if it is something people would like to see more of.

I also love the idea of sharing what I am wearing and have seen people put up blog posts on what they wear each day but feel this isn't for me as I tend to rotate my outfits so there might be repeats if I were to post that often so instead I will be posting my outfit of the week each week.

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 30: 3 things you have learnt this year

3 Things I have learnt so far this year:

1. You can literally trust nobody but yourself (and maybe your mum!)

2. With willpower and a healthy diet, you can get back to your pre-pregnancy weight (and under), without exercise.

3. Exes are definitely exes for a reason!!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Cameron the model...

The other day I had a photoshoot done of my gorgeous baby son (and a couple with me in aswell!). I was so pleased with how the photos turned out. This is the review I left:

"Carl also took photos of my baby son Cameron and myself at my flat. I am so so pleased with the photos, they are stunning and Carl needed no... direction, though he did ask me if there were any particular shots I wanted taken which I thought was lovely of him and something not all photographers would do. Cameron is a very wriggly baby, wanting to crawl everywhere and explore, so I am so pleased that Carl was able to take such amazing photos of him in the short time he had before Cameron became tired. Carl brought with him all his own equipment including a variety of colour and texture of materials for us to choose from. He set up quickly and efficiently and reset extremely quickly as well which was great. Carl is clearly talented at photography and used the natural lighting in my flat along with his equipment and of course his camera to create some gorgeous shots that I will definitely be purchasing! A great experience, a great photographer, will definitely be recommending Carl to everyone I know and no doubt be back for more fantastic shots in the future! Thanks Carl!"

If you would like to see some more of the shots or book Carl yourself, please like his page by clicking here.

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 29: You have 3 wishes, what would they be?

3 wishes right now:

1. To skip forward to having finished university, to the summer where I can relax a bit and enjoy some time with Cameron without stress!

2. To have enough money to take Cameron on his first proper holiday, somewhere with lovely blue skies and sea!

3. To see my Grandad again

Happy Easter to all My Readers!

Happy Easter Sunday to everyone! Hope you're having a great day and I hope you are all going to stuff yourselves with yummy chocolate as I will be this evening!

Love Emma-Louise and Cameron xxxx

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Revision sucks ass, so I distract myself....

I often end up procrastinating when I am revising as I find it so boring.

Currently I am enjoying listening to 90's Dance Music on Youtube... and in a bit I will watch some Jonathon Creek.... and eat Easter eggs.... the possibilites are endless!!

If there were a degree in procrastination, I would have a 1st, easy!

Poll- Please help me to Improve From Fallenangel... by taking part!

I am so pleased so many people read by Blog. I am always looking for ways to update it and keep it interesting. I would love some feedback on what you would love to see more of in the coming months so please take the time to complete my quick poll (on the right of the Blog). If you would like to leave more detailed feedback please don't hesitate to leave a comment below or email me at:

Hope you are all having a fantastic Easter and eating lots of yummy chocolate! xxxx

My Start of Summer Giveaway!

I have been so busy I haven't got round to a giveaway or competition or anything in a while. While most blogs have been putting up Easter themed giveaways, I feel the start of Summer is more exciting! With all this gorgeous weather we've been having, it is high time we got the summer essentials every girl needs (ok, wants!). So, if you feel like the only thing missing right now is a summery gift through your door then enter my Start of Summer giveaway for the chance to win:

Summer Hair Minis
Summery Nail Varnish
Mini Fan

*ticket to this gorgeous beach is sadly not included in the prize

To enter simply comment below with your full name and email address (or comment with just a first name and email me at if you wish to remain semi-anonymous).

Feel free to advertise the competition via a Facebook status or on your own Blog (though I will not be adding extra entries for this to keep it fair)

Good Luck!

Competition closes Wednesday 27th April at 6pm

Winner will be notified that evening (as well as it being announced on here and on fb) and if the address of the winner is sent to me by Thursday morning, the prize will be sent off that day, if not it may have a slight delay as I am celebrating my birthday from Thursday afternoon!

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 28: What attracts you to someone.

If you were to line my ex boyfriends up, until you reached the last one, you would think I went for tall, skinny guys, then I went and ruined it with a much broader, pretty short guy! Hands and eyes are what first attracts me to a guy. I prefer dark hair to blondes and I do prefer them to be quite a bit taller than me as I like to feel all small and vulnerable and at 5'6 that isn't too hard though I am not really short. Obviously personality is important as well, though I have a bad tendancy to prefer the bad boys over the nice ones, oops!

mmmm....yes please!

My Easter Holidays- an overview!

I have always loved having a mum who is a teacher as it means that I have always had her around over the school holidays, and I still love it as it means I get to spend some quality time with her and Cameron.

 Easter holidays also mean my brother James coming home from University (he goes to Northumbria Uni in Newcastle so verrrrrrrry far away!). This time James also brought his girlfriend Becky home with him so it has been really nice getting to know her as well, and has meant we have done more 'touristy' things than we have before as we were also showing her around as Becky is from Newcastle.

We have gone to Poole Quay and had a walk along the harbour, looking at the expensive yachts and eating the obligatory ice cream; sat on the beach and introduced Cameron to the sand and the sea; had a few drinks on the sea front; had a picnic in the park; gone shopping in Bournemouth town centre; had a walk through some of the New Forest; and yesterday we went for a day trip to Corfe Castle, an old castle ruins. We fit in a lot!

Pretty much every night James and Becky have also gone out into town, that's a bit too hardcore for me with Cameron to think about so I just accompanied them on one trip but it was much needed to get away and relax a bit, let my hair down etc.

Easter holidays finish this weekend and James is also going back to Newcastle on Sunday so we plan to go for a meal before they leave. It will be weird not to see him every day after 2 weeks of him being around, but I am sure my birthday celebrations, which start next week, will take my mind off things!
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