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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Happy Easter!

My Easter break wasn't a huge success. Although I had a nice day off spent sleeping and shopping on Friday and a night spent doing a murder mystery with Ed and my family, Saturday I was back in work feeling unwell. 

Saturday evening was spent at 'the dogs' for the boxing social evening.

 It was a good night but I was still feeling a bit poorly and by early hours the next morning it had developed into full on tummy bug. 

So Easter Sunday for me was spent in the bathroom and then when I managed to make it out for our family lunch at a local pub I only managed half my dinner and I didn't get to eat my Easter eggs. Major sad face! 

Easter Monday I woke up feeling a little better, managed to do my food shopping and then we spent the afternoon at Upton Country Park, which was nice. There was a freak heat wave too which meant I almost got burnt in the sun and really wasn't dressed for the weather in jeans- boiling!

 I finished the day with an Easter egg hunt for the children, and I even felt well enough for some Easter egg of my own finally! 

Despite a few mishaps it was nice to spend time with family and have a bit of a rest before a very busy week at work. Happy Easter everyone! 
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