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Friday, 28 October 2011

New Hair!!

My student discount card runs out on Monday and so I have been desperately trying to get the most use out of it before then. Today I had my hair highlighted and cut and blow dried at a local salon in time for my graduation which is less than two weeks away now. I am growing my hair out but had my bob cut back in a bit as the style was totally messed up!

My mum says it is a lot shorter, but I love it and the colour is so nice now!

Weekend Plans: It's London, Baby!

This weekend is going to be a good one! Tomorrow is my cousin's 20th birthday and we are all going out for a big family meal in the evening and for drinks afterwards.

Then on the Sunday bright and early, we are travelling to London to my nan's house in Charlton where we will be meeting up with my dad and little sister and travelling into central London to meet up for lunch with my brother and his girlfriend who are staying in London for the weekend.

Sunday night we are staying at my dad's in Essex before travelling back home on Monday afternoon.

I haven't seen my brother or his girlfriend for a couple of months as they live in Newcastle, and haven't seen my dad and sister for even longer, so I am excited to be seeing everyone. It should be a fun weekend, even though I am missing the X-Factor, nooooo!!

What have you got planned this weekend?

30 Day Beauty Blog Challenge: Day 19 — Your favorite look from a beauty expert

As I mentioned, I don't look to beauty experts as such, but something I defintely have been paying attention to lately is nail art. It seems everyone is jumping on the nail art band wagon. As a single mum, I don't really have the time or energy to be changing my nails every five minutes and I am way too impatient to really have a go at any of the latest crazes. I do love seeing tutorials on doing them however, and love these ones:

This was found, amongst many other designs, on here.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Season, New Blog!

Tonight I decided my blog was starting to look a bit tired and out of date so I changed the background and made a brand new header of more recent and relevant images. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see more of on the Blog! I love hearing your opinions and suggestions. Also, look out for some mini giveaways and fun features in the upcoming weeks. I love the festive season and want to share my excitement with you all!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

Just a makeup and fragrance list today as I did a big fashion one recently... If I actually had money left to buy anything after completing Cameron's Christmas shopping today these are the items I would be buying myself right now...

Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria

Vera Wang Lovestruck

They're Real Mascara from Benefit

Powder Wowza Trio with Brush from Benefit

I'm Glam, Therefore I Am... Set from Benefit

Well, a girl can dream... right?....

30 Day Beauty Blog Challenge: Day 18 — Your favourite beauty expert

I can't really think of anyone as a beauty expert. I will admit that although I enjoy using beauty products myself, I am not a 'follower' of beauty trends and so don't look up to anyone as such in that field. I am going to instead use this post to tell you where I go for beauty tips and tricks, and that is my favourite girly magazines: More! Company, Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

I read these ones whenever I can afford to buy them and often pull out pages to keep with my makeup and products. Recently I pulled out a section on how to do a proper blow dry at home and a feature on how to use eyeliner in several different styles.

I love how the magazines show you beauty tricks, and also let you know about new products coming out in the near future.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

30 Day Beauty Blog Challenge: Day 17 — Fashion Pieces on your to-buy list

I am totally in love with Autumn/Winter fashion in the shops and often find myself in New Look and H&M, my two favourite high street shops, lusting over the clothes. These are the items on my wishlist right now....

Lace Dress £19.99 New Look

Pencil Skirt £19.99 New Look

Snakeskin Platforms £24.99 New Look

Polo Neck Sweater £19.99 H&M

Shorts £7.99 H&M
Ballet Pumps £12.99 H&M
Top £9.99 H&M

Do you have any items on your wishlist at the moment?

Topic Tuesday: The Yummy Mummy Debate

Yesterday NetMums' Facebook page put up a status asking the question of whether us mums made an effort with our makeup, and whether we would ever feel comfortable going without it. The response was pretty much 50/50 with half the mums being totally against wearing makeup, stating that it was bad for your skin and that they were either too happy in their own skin to wear it, or suggesting that there were more important things to be doing of a morning as a mum than applying 'slap'. The other half, myself included, were of the opinion that there was nothing wrong with taking care of your appearance despite being a mum, that we found the time to apply it as it is important to still feel confident and attractive, and that it doesn't harm anyone to enhance their natural beauty.

What annoyed me wasn't that other people disagreed with my opinion, that is always going to happen, but more the fact that there were other mums taking it upon themselves to judge my parenting skills because of the fact that I am one of the women who do wear makeup. Wearing makeup, and having my hair highlighted for that matter, do not detract away from my ability to be a good mother. Being a yummy mummy rather than a slummy mummy is not the huge crime some other mums would have you believe. I hate to use the word, but I do think that a lot of these women shunning those of us who wear makeup are simply jealous. It is not to say that mums who do not wear makeup are lesser women, that is of course their own decision. I am not here to judge other mums, just to defend those of us getting pulled up for wanting to hide our flaws and enhance our best features on a daily basis.

Me with my daily makeup on

Yes I wear foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner and mascara. I wear lipgloss and blusher too, so sue me! It takes me all of five minutes in the morning to apply my makeup, another five minutes to take it off at night. That is hardly going to harm my child. He plays quietly, or is asleep whilst this is happening. Just because I wear makeup, have my hair looking nice and wear tight jeans, it doesn't mean that I am less of a mum than the woman next to me in the Supermarket wearing the stained baggy jeans and hoody with her hair tied up and not a scrap of makeup on. So think twice before you judge us Yummy Mummies. Believe it or not, we have feelings as well as a flawless face....

Monday, 24 October 2011

My Skincare Routine

I have done a post on my skincare routine in the past, but saw Rachel on Life of a Sweetaholic do a post and wanted to do an updated one on my own. I used to simply use a facewipe and go to bed, but lately I have discovered the importance of cleansing and toning properly so I now follow a 4 point regime.

I use Simple face wipes to take off my makeup. I have tried other brands but these are the only ones that don't damage my senstive skin. After this I take a cotton pad and use a small amount of Sainsbury's own brand cleanser over my face, making sure that my whole face is cleansed. With a second cotton pad I gently apply the body shop toner to my face. I then wash my face with cold water, pat dry and then apply two pumps of Transformulas Face Serum.

Takes about two minutes but makes my skin so much better than it was before. I also use a face mask every so often to get my face even softer and clearer.

Girls- Our Own Worst Enemy

Late last night as I was just getting ready to go to sleep I saw that the stars of TOWIE were all sending their love and best wishes to Sam and Billie, sisters on the show, via Twitter. I was confused but soon a message appeared with a link to the story, the sisters had both been attacked on a night out by a gang of girls.

Sam and Billie on their night out...

Reading further into it this morning I discovered that Billie had her designer handbag, which contained her phone, stolen. When her and Sam had complained about the girls that stole the bag to the bouncers, they had been kicked out of the club which angered them. When Billie left the club she was attacked. The girls managed to get away and went home, but later Sam was called by the girls who had stolen the bag, on Billie's phone, and was told to meet them in a field to get the items back.

Billie during the attacks, caught on camera phone

Sam reportedly took a friend and went to meet them, probably a pretty stupid move anyway, but when they arrived they were attacked by a gang of ten girls. Sam was then beaten so badly that she was said to have been 'left for dead', and had to have a brain scan when she arrived at hospital. This horrific attack is sadly not that uncommon, but the high profile of the TV stars meant that it was highlighted more than a usual case would have been.

The attack made front line news of the tabloids today

What is appalling is that these girls felt the need to attack other girls. What happened to girls sticking together? A lot of the stars of the show have taken to Twitter to write their best wishes, and the majority have mentioned jealousy as a motive, hence the fact that the bag was stolen at first. Jealousy is not an excuse for mindless violence! I would love the lifestyles of some of the girls on the show, but I would never go up to them in a club, steal their bag, and then proceed to beat them up because of this! I am disgusted that women can be capable of this thuggish behaviour. Having just had my phone stolen on a night out in town I can relate to that part of the ordeal, and know that if I had seen the girl who stole my phone I would have probably ended up in some sort of a fight, so in a way I am lucky she was so cowardly as to steal it when my back was turned.

It is not just physical violence between girls that has been making the news lately though, on this weekend's X Factor, Tulisa took the backstage bullying between Mischa B and other contestants to the spotlight, mentioning that Mischa's attitude and actions towards others should be taken into account by viewers of the show. I think Tulisa was wrong to say this on the live show, with Mischa unable to even defend herself, and this in itself could be construed as bullying, however, I do think it is disgusting that Mischa has been so nasty to fellow contestants. She has also reportedly been going around saying she is the clear winner, and, having been following her on Twitter, I have seen how big headed she has already become, with an army of impressionable tweens following her every move, and every word. I think the X Factor should take action against bullies and Mischa should no longer be allowed on the show.

The Judges argue during Tulisa's 'attack' on Mischa B

Bully... Mischa B
Girl on girl violence, whether physical or mental, is not acceptable and I hope both the girls responsible for the attacks on Sam and Billie, and Mischa B are given the appropriate punishment for their crimes.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Spooky Style- Top Ten Halloween Outfits

I am not going out for Halloween this year, so I have no need to get all dressed up, however, I love all the costume ideas available to us girls and have put together a little list of my favourites for those of you getting dressed up. I have also added how I would DIY each outfit for a cheaper alternative to these shop bought ideas!

1. Cat- a classic. Black corset, hot pants, a pair of cat ears and a tail and you're good to go

2. Sexy Witch- the same basics as the cat, but this time with a black hat and suggestively placed broom...

3. Devil Woman - easy to do with a red corset, red hotpants or skirt, devil horns and a pitchfork

4. Ghostbusters- go for beige clothing and black boots, a ghostbusters badge or writing on your chest

5. Great for a couple- Heaven and Hell barbies- one in red, one in  white, with appropriate accessories and sky high heels

6. Burlesque Babe- fishnets, corset, black satin gloves, heels and a period style hairpiece make this outfit

7. Zombie Bride- a little more authentic for an outfit, go for a white dress, dirty it up, add some rips and white fishnets, white heels and a veil, then go for some zombie style makeup to complete the look

8. Vampire Vixen- tight black dress, black and red cape, red or black boots and those all important fangs and done!

9. Naughty Nun- long sleeved black dress, but it must be short! A black headpiece and white collar, white or black fishnets and heels, and a look like butter wouldn't melt on your face
10. Tinkerhell- excuse the bad photo, think classic tinkerbell- little green dress, wings etc, zombiefied up!

What are you going as for Halloween?

Song for Sunday

Ok, I am actually loving the song What is Love by Haddaway, which is currently on the Next advert! I have always loved the song, but hearing it every ad break has made it my song of the week. Take a listen here.

What is on your playlist this week?

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