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Friday, 20 March 2015

Where in the World...

I love going on holiday. Unfortunately working full time with two young children this isn't that easy. But a girl can dream...

These are the top ten holiday destinations I would love to be jetting off to:

1. Santorini

Greek islands in general look pretty lovely but there's something about Santorini which just makes it look so bloody gorgeous I want to be there right this second. When I feel low I look at beautiful pictures of this place. I will go there very soon!

2. New York

I have wanted to go here for a few years now and haven't managed to yet. I want to go just before Christmas, as it looks even more magical and amazing then. The only problem is, this is when it's A. really, really expensive and B. totally busy.

3. Antigua

Ever since I watched Pirates of the Caribbean I have wanted to go here. It looks beautiful but oh so expensive and far, far away!

4. The Maldives

Another beautiful location and somewhere I MUST go to before I die. It is true paradise.

5. Canada

Technically I've been here before but it is somewhere I would love to go to again. I would like to explore more as well as so far I have only been to Vancouver Island where my aunt and uncle live. Totally amazing place.

6. Italy

I am not specific, I just really want to go to Italy. Any part. It just looks cool.

7. L.A

My mum's cousin lives here and I love how it looks. I have been told I wouldn't like it there but I think I would. Although maybe this is a feeling I got from watching too many chick flicks....

8. Egypt

No real explanation other than it looks amazing and I might finally get to ride my camel I've been wanting to ride!

9. Lapland

I want to take the children to meet Santa (and I totally want to meet him too!). Looks so cold but such a truly wonderful experience!

10. Mexico

I love Mexican food. This is the home of Mexican food. I could fall in love with this place a little!

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