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Monday, 16 February 2015

The Perfect Day

So, yet again I've been awful at maintaining the blog. The main issue is that I love to write but I just don't have the time to at the moment. Working full time alongside being a mummy and having now taken up Thai boxing, fitting classes in twice a week, it's just not possible to blog as much as I would like to.

Things have been pretty hectic since I last posted. Work got majorly busy and my depression got worse. I have spoken to the doctor and been put on a waiting list for counselling again so hopefully that won't end up being too long. Valentines day this year was something I was looking forward to but also worried about a bit. As it turned out, I had the most perfect day and it was all down to my amazing boyfriend, Ed.

The day started with a long lie in, which was such a luxury as with work and/or the kids I never get out of bed later than 8am usually. We exchanged cards and gifts. Ed had bought me a gorgeous Pandora charm, which I love.

 Ed went to get breakfast and we had bacon, sausage and egg baps followed by a chocolate covered donut- delicious. After breakfast I stayed in bed some more before finally getting my lazy bum up and getting ready to go. Ed had told me we were going for a 'romantic walk' and to put on shoes I could get dirty.

We drove over to Swanage before turning up at a stables where Ed had booked a surprise horse riding session for us as it was something that was on my bucket list! I was totally shocked. I don't usually handle surprises well, or I tend to guess what's going on so it was pretty amazing to have something like this arranged. I was so happy, I couldn't stop smiling. All the way round the walk I was beaming, even if I was a little terrified when I first got on the horse. It was perfect and I felt free and relaxed for the first time in a long time.

After we had finished at the stables we went down to the beach and had a lovely little walk in the sand.

We got the ferry back across to Poole and, after a quick stop at Tesco's for some alcohol and dessert for later, we went back to get ready for our meal. We went to a Mexican restaurant and had some really yummy food, although I ordered too much and ended up feeling incredibly full I also had a couple of pretty delicious Strawberry Margaritas- adult slush puppies at their best!

It was freezing outside so instead of going for a drink after dinner we just went home and had the dessert and Prosecco before snuggling up in front of the TV.

It was the best Valentines and reminded me how lucky I was to have found someone I feel so right with amidst all the crazy things in life. Life is short. It should be spent with the people you love.

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