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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Dress Fittings!

Yes, another wedding related post. I did warn you that the blog would be a bit 'one track mind' over the next couple of months (yes, that's right, we are almost at the 2 month mark, eek!).

As my bridesmaids live miles away from me (one is in Essex, the other is in Newcastle!), finding a time when we would all be together in Bournemouth has been near impossible. I managed to book for our dress fittings with the seamstress for Monday as I knew the girls would be down for the hen weekend.

Although I was feeling very bloated after way too much food and drink over the weekend I was so excited to see the girls together in their dresses and for them to see me in my dress in person for the first time!

The seamstress was really lovely and, once the dresses had been pinned up, the girls were both really happy with their dresses and they are going to look stunning on the day once the alterations have been done! We decided not to have material added to the low cut bust after all, but to instead bring the dress together and pin a brooch to the middle. It is going to look amazing, and means the dresses will be totally unique!

After the girls had tried their dresses on it was time for me to get into my beautiful dress. I hadn't worn it since Spring so I wasn't sure how it would fit and I was really excited to see myself in it again, this time with my veil, tiara and jewellery! When I finally got into it (there's a lot of lacing and the hoop had to be put together as well), I fell in love with it all over again! It doesn't actually need any alterations to it at all either and fits perfectly, almost like it were made for me (eek!). I am so excited for the wedding. I cannot wait for Tim to see me in my dress!

We have booked in to have the bridesmaids and my final fittings over the next 8 weeks. Looking forward to seeing the bridesmaids dresses once they have been altered!

Obviously I won't be able to show you my wedding dress so as to keep it a surprise for the big day, but here is a picture of the girls in their dresses. I absolutely love them!

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