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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Banishing the Baby Belly with Work it Baby: A Review

Ok, so if you used to read my blog reguarly you will know that after I had my son Cameron I managed to lose the baby weight using my tried and trusted 'cheat day' method. Within 6 months I had managed to lose the baby weight and more but I still had the dreaded 'mum tum' familiar with mummies the world over. I finally found what I was looking for in an exercise class aimed at mums- Work it Baby.

I have already posted before about how great the classes were first time round so it will come as no surprise that after having Carly in November I was itching to get back! Luckily for me I had a straight forward labour and birth and by January I was able to return. Kirsty who runs the classes had kept in contact with me throughout my pregnancy and I really felt like I hadn't been away when I returned (apart from the fact that my fitness levels had definitely suffered from 12 months without exercise!).

Left: November, ready to pop
Right: In April, 5 months later and on the way to a flat tummy!

Carly is now about to turn 6 months and I have lost all my baby weight plus a stone more, I feel so much fitter and healthier and better in myself for attending the classes. My mum tum is starting to tighten up (I have bought a slendertone for a final push) and on a social scale, the classes are the best thing I have ever done. After having Cameron I was feeling low and lonely and this feeling definitely returned during my second pregnancy. I have had postnatal depression with both kids and I was advised to do exercise to help lift my mood. These classes aren't just a (brilliant) way to get you back into shape post baby but also a great way to meet other mums in the local area and get some much needed time away from being 'mummy' and back to being you for the night.

Through attending Work it Baby I have made some great friends, one of which is the class leader Kirsty. You couldn't meet a nicer, more passionate and motivated exercise teacher. Kirsty co-hosted my very first event back in March and we will be running a second event this Autumn. 

I am also running race for life with team work it baby, led by Kirsty this June! Running is a totally different form of fitness and is pushing me harder than before but Kirsty is a great motivator. I am now aiming towards a goal time of 25 minutes for the 5k and to run it wearing a cropped top (eek!) 

I cannot recommend Kirsty's classes more highly and would love for you to check out her website here and join her on Facebook where I guarantee you will see for yourself just how lovely she is!

Please Note: This post is 100% my own personal views. I was not given any products or services in return for this review and everything written is the truth (it really is amazing)!

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