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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Turtle Tots Baby Swim Lessons Review

Carly is fast asleep for once having a rare daytime nap so I thought I would write a short review on the baby swimming lessons we have been doing together.

I knew I wanted to do swimming lessons for my second baby before she was even born as I never got round to taking Cameron and he ended up getting scared of going in water at all, even the bath (absolute nightmare, but luckily he is over his fear now!). I had gone to a few taster sessions with Cameron as a toddler whilst I was pregnant and one of these, Turtle Tots, I found to be the most relaxed, friendly and worthwhile classes so I enrolled on their aqua natal classes, only to be too unwell at the end of my pregnancy to be able to attend more than one lesson. The teacher, Caroline, was really friendly and understanding and wished me luck on the birth.

When it came to Carly being ready for swimming lessons I knew I wanted to take her to Caroline's class right away and signed us up for the first term with high hopes. Luckily, despite Carly's inital response to the classes being to scream constantly for the first couple of weeks, after I realised she was simply getting too tired and hungry having woken up at 7am and not being in the pool until 10.30, she stopped crying long enough to realise she actually loves swimming.

Carly has always loved bathtime so I knew she would get on well in the pool and I can happily say that now she floats around quite happily in class and, along with the other babies, has now gone underwater several times without any tears (although the first time she did it I almost cried!).

Caroline is a great teacher and really helps put the parents at ease during classes with a clear knowledge and passion for what she is teaching. With two young children herself, I have always felt confident when Caroline has demonstrated something in a lesson with Carly, and I have felt reassured of Carly's safety throughout lessons as Caroline explains her methods and what will happen before introducing anything new to the class.

Unfortunately, due to a couple of incidents in my personal life over the last couple of weeks, Carly and I have had to miss a couple of lessons but Caroline has been very understanding and has provided some ideas on how to keep Carly interested in the water until we return to class.

I cannot fault Turtle Tots on anything and would recommend the class to anyone with a young baby wishing to give them their first start in the world of swimming. By the end of the term I think Carly will be better in the water than me (not hard considering I almost had a panic attack last week when going underwater for the first time myself)!

For further information on the Turtle Tots swimming lessons in the Bournemouth area visit the website here or check out Caroline's Facebook page.

Please Note: This review was totally honest and I was not paid or given free products or services in exchange for my praise, it is 100% the truth!

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