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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Planning my Wedding: Finding the Venue

Ok, so I know I said that the next post on wedding planning would be on DIY planning ideas but I had to push that aside for the moment to announce that I have found our wedding venue!

It was totally by accident that I came across it. I had never heard of the venue before but at a wedding fayre last week I heard about another fayre this weekend at the house, which is located just outside of nearby Wimborne (about a fifteen minute drive from where I live).

Arriving at the venue I noticed how lovely the house looked, it is a georgian country manor with a rolling lawn in the front and back. I didn't consider it as a venue really until I came to their stand inside the fayre, which is when I noticed how amazing their prices were. Unlike most other venues I have come across online, the house actually allows you to hire just the room, without forcing you to also have an expensive sit down meal. This, and the fact that it was a country manor in our price range, made my mind up. Neither me nor Tim enjoy the idea of having a big lavish, heavy sit down meal with all the wedding guests. Instead we are planning to have the ceremony, then break for a bit where we can have a meal with just our close family, before everyone joining us for a big celebration in the evening.

I asked for a tour around the house and discussed the details with one of the event managers from the venue. I also arranged a viewing for next week with Tim, to make sure he likes the venue too before hopefully booking it for February 2014!

I shouldn't really be surprised that I found my venue so quickly. I have always been quite impulsive with my decision making. When I know I like something I must have it as soon as possible.

I am so excited now that we have our venue. With a venue booked, I can begin planning more and it all becomes so much more real! Exciting times!


  1. great!!
    I'm wishing that your big event will be successful and memorable..Congratulations in advance. :-)

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  2. Beautiful Venue! Can't wait to see the pictures of the wedding!

  3. Beautiful planning to find the wedding venue!! It looks really good and nice to celebrate the wedding functions and to enjoy the functions.

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  5. From the outside, the mansion does look lovely! I believe it was meant for you to have seen it. Oh, I wish you posted some more picture of it, though ,especially the interior. Anyway, when is the wedding? I bet everyone was amazed by the venue you picked!

    @Kelli Mueller


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