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Friday, 10 August 2012

"You're big aren't you?"

I feel I may have even ranted about this topic before now, but I am getting fed up with the fact that being pregnant seems to make you fair game to anyone to comment on how big you are and say things that are bound to hurt, even if you take the raging hormones out of the equation!

Comments about my size have led me to feel defensive when out and about

I have lost count of how many people have asked me how far along I am to then make one of these comments, they're favourite being "Are you SURE you aren't having twins?!". Well, I've had four scans so far this pregnancy and each time I have been assured there is only one baby on the screen... I have also listened to the heartbeat numerous times and they have only heard one heartbeat, so yes, I think I can safely say I that I am sure I am not having twins, but thanks for insinuating that I will be having just the one massively giant baby....

It's not like I would go up to an overweight person in the street and say, "Hey, you're pretty huge, aren't you?" and yet because my body is pregnant, other people are allowed to say things very similar to me. One person serving me in Tescos even had the cheek to say, "Maybe you're just eating more this pregnancy". I mean, seriously, how do people think that is an ok thing to say to a person?

When I was in Brighton at the weekend, I was standing with my nan getting cash out and some foreign girls behind me started singing "I'm pregnant and I know it" loudly to the tune of I'm Sexy and I know it. It really annoyed me but I feel too vulnerable at the moment to even stand up for myself. It makes me so angry!

Sorry, I know this has been just one big rant, but it is really getting to me. By the time I am actually due (and, let's face it, probably overdue) I am going to end up punching someone in the face if they decide to comment on my size.

Jessica Simpson had news stories written about her increasing size during pregnancy, yet gave birth to a healthy sized baby

So, for the record.... Yes, I am just having the one. No, she isn't off the charts in her size, in fact she was on the small side at my 20 week scan. No, I have not been taking the 'eating for two' thing literally. And YES, I do mind you touching my bump whilst simultaneously insulting me! Eurghh!!


  1. Totally agree with you hun, I have people telling me how huge I am, how low the baby is sitting, (he isnt low infact!) and what a funny shape I am. It has left me feeling paranoid and self concious so am not enjoying the last few weeks! Every time i catch myself in the mirror i start to agree with what people have said! They need to tread carefully as theyhave no idea how hurtful they can be,truth or not! xxx

  2. Exactly! Sad to hear you are experiencing the same. I was measured again at midwife today and am only 1cm bigger which they aren't concerned about, so I have no reason to be worrying about my size. Hope the last few weeks go well :) xx


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