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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

This week I.... went to the library!

Yet another new feature on the blog is a weekly post on something I did each week. As I am poor and we are in the middle of the worst summer weather-wise ever, I am not doing anything too extraordinarily exciting but I will try and find something to write about!

Today it was cloudy...again... so my mum and I decided to finally get our acts together and sign up at our local library, something I've been meaning to do since we moved in February! Cameron loves books, and we already have quite an impressive library for him in his room, but I love the idea of him being able to go and choose new books to take home and read whenever we want. I also thought it was a good idea for myself as I love to read but can't justify spending an average of £7 a book when I get through them within a few days.

Signing up to the library was pretty simple and Cameron absolutely loved the kids section as it was made up like a castle and had lots of little settees and foot cushions which he loved. Cameron wasn't very interested in choosing books, apart from the In the Night Garden one he found, but my mum and I managed to find 11 others for him for the month.

I went and looked around for some books of my own and will admit I was a little disappointed in the book selection as most were really old and I couldn't find many authors I had actually heard of. It's not a big deal as there are several other libraries in the local area which I am now a member of, so I will just shop around until I find some good books. I did manage to locate a Paige Toon book. I have heard a lot of people raving about her books but I wasn't overly impressed with her writing style when I read one of them but I've decided to give her another chance. I also picked up a novel about women with babies as I thought it might interest me and then I turned to the non-fiction section.

I was actually looking for a book on pregnancy when I came across the IT section and a dummies guide to blogging. Although it is now a few years old, and without sounding big headed, upon flicking through it I feel I know most of what it covers, I have taken it out to see if I can get any pointers from it on how to improve my blog. I also found a book on starting your own business which I will be reading as I am plannning to start up by Spring/Summer next year once the baby is around 6 months old and slightly less dependent on me all the time.

Are you a member of your local library? What books would you recommend I try and hunt out on my next trip?


  1. I get in the night garden books for Grace and occasionally i find a book that makes noises for her. Not been for a while though. I used to go all the time to a library when i was little, i loved it and meant we didn't miss out on reading as we couldn't afford to buy them xxx

  2. Johnny Be Good is my ultimate favourite book - her books go in an order so unsure if that is why you didn't really like the style? Xx

  3. I have been reading them back to front I think haha, this one was much better in my opinion though :) xx

  4. i have read the baby group its really good made me cry in parts though so be warned lol xx


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