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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New Feature: Planning My Wedding

As you may recall, I got engaged a few weeks ago and as a natural born planner, I wasted no time in starting off our wedding plans. Luckily for me, my fiance is very laid back and is allowing me free reign over most of the wedding plans.

Due to having very little money, and the fact that I am not giving birth for another few months, we have set a date for February 2015. Although this sounds miles away, it is in fact only two and a half years away and only two years from when we are due to move in together, so I feel it actually gives us a great timeframe to work with.

The first thing we had to work out was our budget, not the most fun part of the wedding planning process, but something absolutely vital in working out when we can realistically afford to get married, and where and what our wedding can include. We both agree that you don't need to spend a huge amount on a wedding, especially in a recession, but it will still involve saving a lot over the next couple of years!

Having set a rough date, and a budget to work with, the next thing I am focusing on is finding a venue. I have emailed quite a few of the local country houses enquiring rough prices and have found so many of them totally out of our price range that I started feeling disheartened. However, we are now discussing having the wedding on a Friday, which would bring the cost down a bit, and also trying to negotiate the catering packages, as neither me or Tim are really fussed about providing a big sit down meal and would prefer to have an intimate ceremony at a church and then a party in the evening with friends and family.

One of our possible local venues

Obviously as our wedding won't be for another couple of years, we aren't in a massive rush to find a venue but I feel that by finding our dream venue as soon as possible, I can start bringing the rest of the planning together more as I'll know what setting I'll be working with.

Coming next: Deciding on a theme!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my wedding plans? Is it something you would be interested in reading about in future posts?

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  1. Definitely something I'd like to see in future posts, would help me hugely in planning my own wedding! xxx


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