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Monday, 27 August 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 29 Weeks!

What's going on with me this week:

Babycentre says:

"As your bump gets bigger you may find it harder to get a good night's sleep. Many mums-to-be find they have vivid dreams about their baby in the third trimester".

What I feel this week:

I have definitely been struggling to get any sleep but I'm not sure it really has much to do with my ever growing bump. Cameron has become unsettled during the night with night terrors and this has me up and down at least twice in the middle of the night lately. On top of this I have been getting awful nausea late at night along with acid reflux which means I have to prop myself up into a seated position to go to sleep at night- not ideal! I have been lucky enough to be able to have a lie in some mornings as my mum is not at work during school holidays. I am dreading when she goes back next week and I have to survive on barely any sleep with a toddler to entertain all day long. The joys of having a second baby so close to your first!

I'm so excited as the countdown to our 4D scan is now in single figures! In just five days time we will get to see our baby again and check that everything is going well. I cannot wait! In general I am starting to enjoy my pregnancy a bit more, apart from the night times. Eleven weeks doesn't actually sound that long to wait now, especially when you consider that in just eight weeks I will be full term! Exciting times!

What's going on with my baby this week:

Babycentre says:

"Your baby now weighs a little over 1kg and measures about 39cm from head to toe. On his head, hair is growing well. If you're having a boy, his testicles will have descended from near the kidneys through the groin en route to the scrotum. If your baby is a girl, her clitoris is prominent, because it's not yet covered by the still-small labia. These will grow to cover it in the last few weeks before birth.

Your baby's head is getting bigger to make room for his developing brain. Nearly all babies react to sound and light by the end of this week.

Your baby's nutritional needs reach their peak during the third trimester. You'll need plenty of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, and calcium (about 200mg is deposited in your baby's skeleton every day), so eat foods rich in these nutrients. His skeleton hardens even more and his brain, muscles, and lungs are maturing all the time. Take a look at our eating well guide to make sure you are getting the right minerals and vitamins".

What my baby looks like inside this week:

What my bump looks like this week:

Thank heavens for elasticated waistbands :P

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