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Monday, 27 August 2012

My Life.... an Update

When you're pregnant, it can seem that suddenly your whole life is all about the baby you are carrying. I think this has come across a bit on the blog and I want to get back to blogging reguarly and blog about more than just my pregnancy. First of all I thought I would update you all on what's been going on in my life lately other than my expanding waistline....

Firstly, I am soon to be a mother of a two year old. How scary is that?! Cameron turns two on 13th September. It seems like only a few weeks since I was celebrating his first birthday and making his Fireman Sam cake (how times change, he now wants nothing but Night Garden!). How scary how fast time passes, before I know it he'll be going to school! Cameron has grown up so much in the last couple of months. He looks like a proper little boy and he's talking in little sentences. He says he wants something now, and says please and 'ta' without needing to be prompted, which I'm very proud of. He is also fiercely independant and wants to do everything by himself, from getting his own breakfast to going to bed at night. I love that he can do so much now, but can't help feeling neglected now he no longer needs me so much.

Cameron practising at being a big brother!

Yesterday I took Cameron swimming, along with Tim and my sister who is visiting from Essex for the week. Cameron was swimming by himself, which I was thrilled about. I was worried that he wouldn't pick it up as I stopped taking him swimming at around five months old, but luckily he now loves his weekly swimming trips and has really taken to the pool.

Our wedding fund!

I have been engaged for a couple of months and am loving being able to plan my own wedding (as you will know from reading my wedding planning updates). I can't wait to move in with Tim in the New Year and be a proper little family. Tim has been amazing as my pregnancy progresses. He is always willing to come round for a quick hug to cheer me up when I've had a stressful day, and he makes the most of the time he is over at the weekends to try and make me feel like a princess, even when I feel more like a whale...

Tim painting my toenails as my bumps grown too big for me to reach!

He has also just bought me a maternity dress for the upcoming family events, which I couldn't afford to buy myself, as well as a gorgeous chunky knit cardigan for when I come out of hospital with the baby, to make me feel a tiny bit stylish!

As I mentioned before, my sister is currently staying with me for the week. I don't get a chance to see her that often as she lives with my dad in Essex. I haven't always got on with her as there is a seven year age gap, but we have reached an age where we both have things in common which is great. I've enjoyed taking her into town on shopping trips and having girly pampering sessions in front of the TV or a chick flick with a big bowl of popcorn. I'll be sad to see her go, but she should be coming back in just under three weeks for Cameron's birthday party.

My sister with Cameron just after he was born

Planning my own wedding has made me want to get back into planning properly and I am looking forward to when we have moved and I am able to start up my business in Events. In the meantime I have been planning lots of family events such as my upcoming Baby Shower, and my mum's 50th birthday party, which is just two days before my due date! I love how organised you need to be when planning events, it makes me feel more focused. I can't wait to have my own business!

I have been filming for an upcoming BBC3 show on parenthood, which I've been told will air either the end of this year or beginning of next. It has been great to have something to focus on during my pregnancy, and will be an excellent memento to look back on when the children are older.

Happy :)

Life in general is amazing and I feel so lucky when I think back to how things were this time last year. I had just finished my degree and was waiting to hear back about whether I had graduated or not, I was a single mum and felt like I would never find a guy who wanted a girl who already had a son. I am so happy how my life has turned out and look forward to the next chapter of my life as a mother of two, moving in with my fiance, planning my wedding and starting my own business. I really do feel as if my dreams have come true...


  1. Cameron will ALWAYS need you - although it feels like sometimes they don't, who else will they guarantee to get a cuddle from no matter what?! xx

  2. Aww that's so great to see you happy! What show is the filming for? Well done! :) xxx


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