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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 22 Weeks!

What's going on with me this week:

Babycentre says:

"You've probably gained between 5.5kg and 7kg. Starting now, you'll begin to put on weight more steadily, averaging about 225g per week. You may crave certain foods and you may notice an increased (but not bloody) vaginal discharge. Both are a normal part of being pregnant"

What I feel this week:

I definitely feel like I am gaining weight at a scarily fast pace.... I am trying not to worry too much about the weight gain as I am eating mostly healthy foods, just allowing myself to give in to unhealthy junk food cravings occassionally. I am finding it difficult because I worked so hard to loose all my baby weight from when I was pregnant with Cameron and now I'm seeing it all pile back on really fast. I am being tested this week for Gestational Diabetes which scares the hell out of me but I am crossing my fingers I don't have it and if I do I will just try and deal with it the best I can. It is causing me a lot of stress at the moment but I am trying to forget about it by focusing on my trip to Newcastle on Friday for my brother's engagement party/housewarming party.

What's going on with my baby this week:

Babycentre says:

"Your baby now weighs almost 430g, measures about 28cm long from crown to heel. Your baby's legs aren't curled up so tightly to her tummy now. This means she can be measured from the top of her head to her heels, instead of her bottom. She is proportioned like a newborn, albeit a thinner version since her baby fat hasn't yet developed.

Although she's getting heavier every day, her skin still appears wrinkled and translucent because she needs to gain more weight. Her lips are distinct and her eyes are formed, though the coloured part (the iris) still lacks pigment. The pancreas, essential in the production of hormones, is developing steadily.

Even this early, the first signs of teeth appear in the form of tooth buds beneath her gum line. Before you know it, your baby will be born, and soon after, her first teeth come through".

What my baby looks like inside this week:

What my bump looks like this week:

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