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Monday, 30 July 2012

Celebrating Our Engagement!

On Wednesday night I had a night out with friends of mine and Tim's for our engagement. It was pretty low key and relaxed and not everyone could make it mid-week and at short notice, but we wanted to make it for a time when our mutual friend was back in Bournemouth. We are having a seperate meal for our families to celebrate with us in a couple of weeks time.

We went out to a local wetherspoons bar and got a couple of bottles of pink champagne for people to toast us with.

Although everyone kept saying it was ok for me to have a bit of the champagne, I had a sip and left it at that. I have totally gone off all alcohol (not that I would drink much during pregnancy anyway) so stuck to Cranberry juice through the night.

After wetherspoons we moved onto Yates, I was quite proud of myself for hanging on until 11pm before giving in and going home (after stopping off at Subway for my favourite sandwich an Italian BMT yum!).

I had a great night and it was lovely to celebrate with our close friends.

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