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Sunday, 24 June 2012

The South West Baby Show

A month or so ago I bought tickets to the Brighton baby show on Groupon but had to pass them on when I realised I was meant to be going to see my dad and sister in Essex the same weekend. I was a bit upset until I found out that there was a baby show right in my home town this weekend and, even better, it was free! In the meantime, I have become involved with a BBC3 TV programme on parenthood which involves me filming myself and those around me as my pregnancy progresses. I film my everyday life and so filmed some of the baby show this weekend as well.

My mum and I went to the baby show on Friday morning and I found it really interesting going around each stand and talking to the exhibitors about their businesses and products. One product that impressed both myself and my mum the most was the Snugglebundl which is a unique baby carrier that allows you to pick up and put down a baby without straining your back and it can also be used in car seats and supermarket trolleys- amazing!

The Snugglebundl

After going round once with my mum, she had to leave but Tim came to meet me and we walked around again, filming some of the exhibitors whose products I liked the most. Tim bought the Snugglebundl product as he was equally impressed by it. He can't wait for the baby to come so he can try it out! I bought some car stickers that are personalised to show my little family, including a pregnant me, body building Tim (he loves the gym!) and a little Cameron with his favourite toy car!

The car stickers

I managed to restrain myself from buying anything else but I was really tempted and have caught the baby show bug, I will be going to any more local shows I can find (although I am a little wary about attending the Southampton baby show as it is only a couple of weeks prior to my due date-eek!).

I decided to go back to the baby show again today as Cameron had been with his dad on the Friday and so had missed out on meeting Iggle Piggle. When we got to the show I was a bit disappointed by how empty the venue was, until I realised that it didn't officially open until 11am. There were a few people waiting in the foyer and it came to light that one of the cbeebies presenters, Katy Ashworth, was meant to be starting a show at 11. Intrigued, we sat down to wait...and wait.... and wait!

Cameron meeting Iggle Piggle (and Peppa Pig)

Sitting there with fellow annoyed parents, I couldn't believe how badly organised the event was. The event managers were totally ignoring the people waiting, and it became obvious that Katy was not anywhere near the venue yet. By quarter to twelve I had pretty much given up when we were finally allowed into the next room for the show. However, Katy still didn't appear for another fifteen minutes, by which point we only had half an hour left on the car.

Cbeebies Presenter Katy Ashworth on stage

Totally disappointing second day at the show, especially when all Katy's show seemed to consist of was her screaming, squealing and pretending to fall over (hey, maybe I'm just being cynical, maybe kids love that kind of stuff but it sickens me how much she is paid to do THAT).... We left early and I was pretty annoyed by my wasted morning. Still, the first day I attended provided me with a huge amount of leaflets for products and services I can use not just when the baby is here, but for Cameron as well, including a swimming and ballet class that we will be attending in the coming weeks.

Overall, the South West Baby show had poor organisation, but was generally a great event for gaining contacts, speaking to inspirational business people in the local area and for allowing Cameron to meet Iggle Piggle in real life! At the end of the day, it was a free event. so who am I to complain?

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