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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pregnancy, the 2nd Time Round

When my boyfriend and I decided to start trying for this baby, I assumed I knew what I was letting myself in for, having already done the whole 'pregnancy thing' before. However, just 6 weeks later I was stood staring at the positive pregnancy test not believing it had all happened so fast. In fact, I was so shocked that I had to take a second test just to make sure the first was telling the truth.

Since then I have found it really weird trying to get back into the frame of mind I adopted when I was pregnant with Cameron. Things have felt completely different, though my mum assures me that I was actually very similar last time round, I obviously just can't remember. The main thing I can remember from last time was the first half of my pregnancy seeming to fly by whilst the second half dragged. This time I have felt like each week takes a month so am definitely feeling that come 20 weeks things are going to reach snail pace.

This time round I have been feeling so much more tired. I think this could be to do with the fact that I now have Cameron to amuse daily on top of the pregnancy nausea, exhaustion and mood swings. I have also started showing so much faster than last time, with a bump which made wearing normal jeans impossible by just 9 weeks. I am now 14 weeks and in full maternity clothing (more on my annoyance at this in a future post). Luckily the 'morning' sickness has now gone but I still find it a struggle getting my energy levels up each day, and find myself in my pjs by eight each night.

my bump at 14 weeks 2 days

The other thing that is much more apparent this time round is my stretch marks. As they never went away from when I lost the baby weight, the old ones are still there and now the new bump is pushing them back out again making me feel very unattractive. I didn't get any in my first pregnancy until I went overdue, so having them from this stage is weird. I will be attempting to at least stop them from getting worse with various lotions and potions (watch out for future posts on how this goes), any suggestions for creams that actually work would be great!

Enough of the moaning though. I know that pregnancy is a blessing and I would take all of the annoying symptoms and side effects for this baby. I'm currently counting down the weeks until my 20 week scan where we will hopefully be finding out the sex of the baby (yes, I know apparently there's no greater surprise than the surprise of finding out the sex at the birth but I like to be prepared and I want to go shopping!).


  1. Congrats!!! thats brilliant news, hopefully you get your second wind soon and your energy levels come back xxx

  2. Congrats lovely, your man better pamper you extra now ;)

  3. Just wanted to say congrats and that I'm really happy for you. Read your blog for a year now, and when I first found it I loved it so much I looked back through your old posts. And I can tell that you're a great mum to Cameron, your babies are lucky to have a mum like you. Hope everything goes well for you from now on xxx


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