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Monday, 21 May 2012

Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

It's the book that everyone has been talking about. An erotic trilogy apparently based loosely on the characters from popular book and film series Twilight. It was this that put me off reading the books as I can't stand Twilight, however, I don't feel this book reminds me of the Twilight premise at all.

I decided to get the free sample on iBooks to begin with, after reading yet more reviews online. I didn't know what to expect really as there are such mixed reviews out there. Some people say that the writing is awful and cringey and the storyline is pointless, where some people say the books are erotic and addicitive. I found myself finishing the sample within minutes and wanting more, bought the iBook for £2.99.

Having now finished the first book I would say I am a little in the middle of the spectrum. The book is a page turner and I have already bought the second and third books in paperback because I have really gotten into the story. However, I do agree to some extent that the author is really not very good at writing. She has poor grammar and tends to repeat phrases so often that it gets annoying (not to mention how many times the main characters say Mr Grey/Miss Steele).

On top of that there is the annoying 'subconscious' and 'inner goddess' she insists on going on about every other page which can get incredibly cringey to the point where I started to try blocking it out whenever the inner goddess would be mentioned. I would still recommend anyone who has yet to read it to give it a go despite these negatives as, like I say, I couldn't stop reading it so she must be doing something right. What I would say is that if you are easily shocked by sexual references then this might not be the book for you as there is sex in every chapter without fail and some of it is pretty explicit even for me, and I am not against experimentation.

Overall a good book and I will be starting the second one this afternoon.

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