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Monday, 21 May 2012

Maternity Mayhem

One of the most annoying parts of pregnancy for me is how hard it is to stay looking good. Pregnancy and fashion aren't really things that go hand in hand. It seems that most shops are under some misconception that all pregnant women are a) over 30 and b) have no fashion sense from the minute that second line appears. It is so frustrating to go clothes shopping, something I have always enjoyed doing in the past, and finding nothing even remotely flattering to wear.

Just because I'm pregnant, doesn't mean I want to dress like this....

As this is my second pregnancy, I started showing very early. By nine weeks I was unable to wear normal jeans as the button hurt my stomach. I reluctantly pulled out my leggings from my last pregnancy and sighed. Why should I have to live in leggings and baggy tops for nine months just because I am having a baby. It doesn't make me any less of a woman. Why can't I be fashionable too? Last time I was pregnant I didn't start needing to change what I wore until around five months. At that point I tended to opt for maxi dresses, leggings, long tops and my trusty Mothercare maternity jeans.

Heavily pregnant with Cameron in 2009

This time round, my bump is much more spread out than with Cameron and I don't feel attractive in maxi dresses. I have been getting by with wearing my maternity jeans, this time from New Look, along with my tops from before I was pregnant. The weather hasn't been helping as I have been unable to wear any of my more flattering summer dresses which I would have been by this time two years ago.

Pregant this time round, in my trusty New Look maternity jeans

Yes, there seem to be more flattering selections online (ASOS for example, who don't share the common assumption that pregnant women never go anywhere that requires more than a pair of leggings), but as I don't have that much money, I can't afford the risk of not liking the clothes once they've been delivered. It seems that I shall either have to get creative with my clothing, or resign myself to another summer of being frumpy....

Are you pregnant this summer? What do you plan on being your pregnancy wardrobe staples?


  1. I'm not pregnant but I think if I was I would go for leggings with long stretchy bandeu style tops in black/white/nude and then put little pretty crop tops/shirts over the top or those tops with dropped hems in loads of pretty patterning. I think there's so many gorgeous printed ones out their at the moment and you'd be dead on trend especially in aztec or floral patterns.

    Or you could try the same but with leather or wet look leggings for a more glam fashiony look.

    Then there's oversized off shoulder tees which would look really cute over skinny jeans or leggings and you could make them a lot more stylish with an oversized scarf, cropped jacket, big cardi and boots/jewellery.

    I think you look gorgeous and really glowing, we're always going to feel much worse about ourselves than anyone else would think we look especially when you add in all the hormones!


  2. Oh hun i completely relate to this post! I am 25 weeks with my second and am also bigger than the first time round. I have found it so hard to not look like a frump, seeing as my usual wear is skinny jeans and h&m style dresses! I have literally been living in leggings and summer dresses with cardigans even though the weather has been mostly wet! I wrote a similar post on my blog
    so ur not alone in this dilemma! xxx

  3. Thanks girls. I definitely will be using some of your tips if the weather gets cooler again Sarah, for now it's too hot for leggings so I'm going for floaty summer dresses and maxis. Jade, it's good to know I'm not alone!! xx


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