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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Love, Like, Loathe #3


I am totally loving my new house! I only moved in a week ago but I have worked hard to 'make a house a home' and put my personal touches in. I love my room as it is nice, very girly and with loads of storage! I will be posting up photos of my room in a future post!


I am liking Playing it Straight at the moment as something to watch with the boyfriend whilst having dinner as it isn't something you need to concentrate on and is quite amusing trying to guess which of the guys are gay. I haven't had much time for TV lately so have fallen behind on shows like Desperate Housewives, and haven't even watched an episode of the latest series of TOWIE, but I have watched the last couple of espisodes of this.


Something I am definitely hating right now is bills! Moving is so expensive as it is with the deposits and rent in advance etc that I really could do without then being faced with loads of closing account bills totalling to well over £100..... Not fair!


  1. You have done a brilliant job so far with your room hun, cannot wait to see what it looks like fully :) xxx

  2. Thanks hun! I am looking forward to putting the pics up later! xx


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