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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Catch Up Post!

Wow, I didn't realise how much I would miss reguarly being able to blog until I became too busy to do much at all! Luckily I have a Blogger app on my iPhone which has allowed me to keep up with the Project 365.

Now I am pretty much all settled in at the new house (there are still things absolutely everywhere downstairs but my room at least resembles a room now), I will hopefully be blogging more reguarly again.

I have lots of posts lined up including my take on Valentine's Day as someone in a couple, a tour around my new house (probably start with my bedroom as, like I say, the rest of the house is still a bit of a shambles), a couple of product reviews and the rest of my life experiences challenge I started before the move.

I am also planning  my next Vlog over on my YouTube channel. I want it to be a kind of getting to know me one for those of you who haven't been reading since the start so look out for that in the next week as well!


  1. Glad your getting settled! I for one have missed your posts! x

  2. Missed all of your lovely posts hun, cannot wait to see the new posts cming up and the vlog :) xxx


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