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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

2011/2012 Challenge: Day 7: 10 things you want to say 10 people.

1) To my mum:

I appreciate everything you do for me and Cameron. I wouldn't have been able to make it through the last couple of years without your help. You are amazing and I really hope you find someone who truly deserves you soon so that you can be as happy as you should be! Love you! xxx

2) To my best friend Aimee:

I miss you lots! I hope you are coming back to Bournemouth at some point over Christmas as Christmas day would not be the same without seeing you! Hope everything is going ok in Brighton and can't wait to see you as soon as possible with the Chubster, who also misses his Godmummy lots! xxx

3) To my boyfriend:

Hope you are feeling better soon, I think you may have given me your germs... Can't wait for the weekend! xxx

4) To my other Best Friend Sealy:

I miss you!! Hurry up and return from Oz so that I can give you a big hug! Love you lots! xxx

5) To Cameron:

You are the best thing to ever happen to me and I love you so so much! Everything you do amazes me, even the naughty stuff! Can't wait to spoil you this Christmas! Also can't wait to meet Santa with you on Saturday!! xxxx

6) To my friend Katie:

I hope everything went ok at school today, and I hope everything else is ok. I am here for you whenever you need me :) Had a great time this weekend! xxx

7) To my 'internet' girlies:

Love you all! You are all amazing at giving me advice or the kick up the bum I need! Have to meet all of you asap! xxx

8) To my Uni besties Abi and Georgie:

Miss you both! Can't wait to see you both in the New Year! xxx

9) To my cousin Aaron AKA Joey Essex:

Hope your head is feeling better today! Apparently you went out on 'the biggest night out ever' last night? Thanks for giving me male present giving advice, even when hungover.... and for watching TOWIE with me and getting just as excited, if not more, by its storylines.... xxx

10) To my family as a whole:

Can't wait for Christmas this year! It is going to be AMAZING!! Love you all loads! xxxxx


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