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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My Weekend!

Another reason I have been a bit slow on Blogging lately, other than the near death of my laptop, was a visit from my lovely friend Katie this weekend! I met Katie through More Magazine's Facebook page a year and a half ago and have met quite a few times since and we talk online a lot as well. Katie said she needed some cheering up, so the first thing I did in preparation for her arrival on Friday was to stock up on lots of junk food!

Katie arrived in the evening and met my boyfriend Tim, and we all hung out over my mum's for a bit before going over to my flat (my mum very kindly looked after Cameron both nights Katie was down so that we could drink alcohol and have a relax). I cooked a pizza, but because we were catching up and drinking Bellinis, I managed to burn the pizza!

So we ended up ordering Pizza Hut pizza instead which was so yummy! We got a medium pizza to share with two sides: cheesey garlic bread and delicious chicken strips, so in a way it was a good thing I burnt the pizza!

We decided, after a few Bellinis, to put my Christmas tree up which was quite amusing. It looked so good when we had finished though!

On Saturday, my mum dropped Cameron round and we all had a chilled out morning at my flat before going shopping. We bought some more yummy food including curries and snacks to eat whilst watching the X Factor that night. In the afternoon we went over my mum's flat and chilled out watching TV and Bridesmaids on DVD, and ate food pretty much all afternoon and evening (not a great weekend for the figure!)....

My mum came back and we opened a bottle of wine and had our curries and watched X Factor. We did have a second bottle of wine to drink, but it tasted really horrible, like red wine even though it was a Rose! So in the end we just chilled out some more watching I'm a Celebrity, and then went back to mine to go to bed.

On Sunday we had a bit of a lie in and then Katie went home. I went into town with my boyfriend for drinks and, largely due to the fact that I hadn't eaten anything all day, I got pretty drunk on only a few glasses of wine. It was a very funny weekend all in all!


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