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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Product Review: You Won't Believe Your Eyes Eye Serum

I absolutely love Soap and Glory products, from their pretty packaging to their amazing and inovative products. I was in Boots recently and came across a new product which I thought would definitely be something my tired 'mummy' eyes needed. I haven't had much sleep lately as I have a mild insomnia, coupled with a baby who has started waking in the night again. I bought this product hoping to banish my eye bags forever.....

What They Say:

Soap and Glory always put humourous but in depth information on their packaging, and this product was no different. The packaging directs you to 'just squeeze and roll onto dark circles and puff, and in minutes..... "You won't believe your eyes"'. They also explain that the product contains an ingredient found in haremorrhoid cream, which is well known as a beauty tip for reducing puffiness in the eye area (but something I have always been too scared to try).

What I Say:

With all this in my mind, I had high hopes for this cream and applied it as soon as I returned home, over makeup (as it says you can if you wish). It was very cool to the touch and definitely refreshed my eyes, but I couldn't really see much of a difference, so I thought to be fair I should try it when I had no makeup on, to give it a fair trial.

I tried it when I was unwell, which meant that my eyes look even worse than usual. There was definitely a small improvement, and my eye again felt very refreshed from using the cream, but I wouldn't say the cream had given any miracle results.

My Rating:

3.5/5 I will keep using the cream, but won't be buying it again in the future, and would only recommend it on the basis that it acts like a couple of slices of cucumber on your eyes of a morning, reducing puffiness slightly, whilst giving a fresh boost.

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