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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Product Review: Garnier BB Cream

I was so excited to get this product after hearing rave reviews from other bloggers, beauty experts and in magazines. I was totally gutted when I tried it out for myself, having spent a tenner on it, to find it to be an utter waste of money. What annoys me more, is that I also bought some for my mum as part of her birthday present, so in total I spent £20 on a product that just is not worth it at all!

What They Say:

The cream claims to 'immediately perfect skin', with a long list of benefits on its packaging:

-Evens tone and boosts glow
-Blurs Imperfections
-Smoothes Fine Lines
-24 hr Hydration
-SPF 15 UV Protection

What I Say:

Well, as I said, I had high hopes upon opening the packaging, I looked at my un-made up face and thought wahey, in a moment I won't see any of you red patches or under eye circles. I will be 'perfect', airbrushed and amazing.

What actually happened is a totally different story. The cream has a strong smell to it and is quite thick in consistency, meaning that I had to use quite a bit to actually cover my face. The cream feels cool, which is probably the only good thing I have to say about it.

It did nothing to my face at all, apart from looking like a bad fake tan. I had specifically asked a member of Boots staff whether I should get the light or the medium cream and she had said that the light was only for very pale people (so I got that for my mum). The medium is very dark and, as I say, looks like a fake tan gone wrong. It did not get rid of any imperfections, it didn't cover any red patches. My skin looked just as bad as before I put it on. If anything, it seemed to pronounce the dark circles under my eyes even more.

I don't like putting up photos of me with no makeup on, but needs must.. this is my cheek after application....

I have been left very dissappointed in this cream. I had hoped that I would be able to leave the foundation and wear this in place of it, but that is totally not going to be happening any time soon! I am a mum and so have dark circles, a couple of blemishes etc, and this cream did nothing for me. Perhaps for someone with skin already pretty perfect, this cream would work well, but in my opinion the cream has a lot of false advertising.

 My Rating:


If you want my advice, don't waste your money on this cream, get a decent foundation instead and you will be much happier with the effect.

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