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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Product Review: Barry M Nail Effects Silver Metallic Foil

After my bad experience with the Barry M Nail Effects crackle effect nail varnish, I was a little wary to try out their latest product. However, I had seen adverts for the metallic foil effect varnishes and fell in love with the silver one, so when I saw them in Boots I decided to buy it and see what it was like.

What They Say:

On their website the company describe the product:

'Instant Nail Effects foil is an amazing addition to our Nail Paints. It is applied like any other Nail Paint but with a luxurious foil finish previously only acheived from a salon manicure. It only requires one coat and is very quick drying'

What I Say:

I totally agree that the varnish drys quickly and only needs one coat. I applied it over the top of a different colour as I couldn't find a varnish remover, so my nail looked a little bumpy in texture, but this would not be the case on a fresh nail. The varnish looks really smart and it has a matte finish which is a nice change. I am a convert!

My Rating:

5/5 A totally different look than I have ever gone for in nail varnishes, but I love the way this varnish looks and will definitely be trying it out on all my nails. The matte finish also means it can be worn in the daytime to add a bit of toughness to my girly outfits. Love, love, love!

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