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Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Worst Hangover Ever?

Last night I went out with my brother, his girlfriend and my cousin to celebrate passing University (I collected my results the other day and I got a 2:2, yay!). I rarely ever go out, it was the first time in months, so I found it hard to cope with drinking and therefore got very drunk very fast. I managed to lose my bag, which was found by the bar staff this morning, with my iPhone and Drivers License taken from it.

I was absolutely gutted and very cross at myself for getting drunk enough to lose my bag! I didn't have phone insurance so Orange did nothing, but block the phone, and offer me a replacement iPhone 3G for £316. I thought that was a rip off, so looked at second hand iPhones on eBay, but then decided they might have hidden faults or not be worth the money, so instead I asked my brother and cousin for advice and they suggested I try and buy out of my contract and start a new one with a free iPhone 4, which is what I have done! I am getting it with my old flat deposit which I got back, so I don't feel as bad about the money, and it worked out cheaper than buying the iPhone 3GS or 4 from Apple, so that was a result!

I get my new phone in a few days, and am very excited! I have to look for a new case now, as although I have taken out insurance this time round, there is no way I want to risk breaking this one after having the last one stolen! iPhones are very valuable items!!

I think it is disgusting that someone stole my license and phone, and have lost things like photos of Cameron's party, that I won't ever get back. Makes me sick to know there are people like that in the World!


  1. thats pants about your phone and license! there are some awful people around! congrats on the new phone and obviously the 2;2 so proud of you xxx


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