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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cameron's 1st Birthday Party!

For someone who studied Events Management at Uni, the first birthday party of my son was always going to be a big deal for me. I started planning it months ago and wanted everything just perfect. I decided early on I wanted to make the food for it, but hadn't realised how stressed it would make me! On Thursday I went on a massive baking supply shop....

and on Friday my mum helped look after Cameron whilst I baked, and baked hard! I made cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cookies, pizza, cheese stars, jellies and the birthday cake!! The only things I didn't make were mini pasties! I was up until 1am finishing everything off, but I was very proud of myself, especially considering that I hadn't baked in years and it was my first attempt at making cupcake frosting!

The next morning I was exhausted...but I got up early and went to meet my friend Mel and her daughter Neve who I hadn't met in person before! Neve is only 11 weeks old and so adorable, was so nice to meet Mel finally as well! After a few final touches and some last minute sandwich making, everything was ready just on time, and guests started arriving. The party went really well and Cameron, although quite tired, had a really good time and loved seeing his friends and family. He got so spoilt again, with lots of lovely toys and some DVDs!

There was a game of pass the parcel, lots of children's music and some adorable dancing by my friend Juliette's baby Callum who is 6 months!

Cameron was a bit confused by the candle blowing so his second cousin Spencer helped him!

The food was a success luckily, and I had quite a few compliments about my cupcakes and the birthday cake so I am very pleased. After the party was over, my family, me, Cameron and Mel went to the beach for a bit before Mel got her train back. It was a bit windy, but a lovely day still and Mel got to see the sea before she went home which was nice.

The most important thing was that Cameron had a lovely day, so I am happy that he did. I think next year to save on the stress, I will be going out for his party instead!


  1. Aww looks like you all had an amazing day!! Cameron looked so smart and totally cute bless him :)
    Pics of you and Mel are stunning, ahhh so jealous you guys have met but so happy for you xxxx

  2. ahh thanks hun! Yeah, she is so lovely! And Neve is so adorable, such a cutie! Made me want a baby girl! xxx


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