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Thursday, 15 September 2011

30 Day Celebrity Challenge: Day 17: A celebrity you are not at all a fan of

Ok, so technically this could be tomorrows entry as someone that I hate and others like.... But I don't care... My intense dislike for Cheryl Cole cannot be halted now I have thought of her!

The thing is, if it weren't for the media attention, I doubt I would hate her AS MUCH as I do now! But being told every five seconds that she is 'the nation's sweetheart' is so annoying! Who decided this? Because the majority of people I know dislike her as much as me!

I have heard people say that people are just jealous when slagging her off. This bugs me too! No, I am not jealous of her. She is alone and a laughing stock for going back again and again to her cheating ex husband. She cannot sing for toffee and clearly only managed to gain success through being in a girl band and hanging off other singers' talents. She then only managed to launch a solo career from her 'good looks', which a lot of girls would have if they were given stylists and all manner of expensive products and outfits on tap!

Seriously. She. Has. No. Talent. And don't even get me started on the fact that she is a criminal (and her brother too!) after she assaulted a cleaning assistant back in the band's early days. Seriously.

Yes, please do let me trade lives with Cheryl as I would so so love to be her.... NOT!!

Wow, I clearly needed that....

(P.S If you are a fan of Cheryl's then sorry for offence caused :P )

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