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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Just the Boost I Needed!!

Tonight I had butterflies in my stomach, my stress levels were through the roof and I was even considering backing out. Was I off on a date? No... I was off for my first ever group exercise class and I was extremely nervous! I hate exercise... and I am very shy... The two mixed together was a disaster waiting to happen, hence the reason I had not been to one class in my 22 years!

I got there ten minutes early and met a couple of other 'newbies', which put me at ease a bit and then the girl who runs the class arrived and she was so lovely I totally relaxed! You would not have guessed from meeting her that she would be a shouter(!) but I am glad she shouts as it means more motivation, and boy was I motivated!

I managed to keep up all the way through which is a miracle in itself as I am so unco-ordinated! It really felt like it was working and everyone worked up a big sweat which is always a good sign! The class is done to club music which I think really works as it makes it fun and energising. I was actually saying noooooooo inside my head when the class ended as I was so motivated and buzzing from the class!

I am definitely going back for my remainding five lessons and reckon I will carry it on after that as it has made me feel like my old self, pre-pregnancy, pre-mummy, just me. I loved having a little break from Cameron and meeting other mummies in the process, it was literally just what the doctor ordered, and I am pleased I bought the Groupon way back in June!

If you are from the Bournemouth area and a mummy then please take a look at the Work it Baby Facebook Page as I cannot recommend this class highly enough!

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