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Thursday, 8 September 2011

30 Day Celebrity Challenge: Day 12: An artist you’d love to see live

I am actually not one for watching bands or artists live. It just really doesn't appeal to me. Comedians, yes.. Derren Brown, hell yeah! But standing around listening to live music just is not me. I think I am too much of a girly girl for the hassle (plus I don't DO crowds as I am very claustrophobic). Buttttt... if I were to have to see one person perform live then I am afraid to say it would have to be Adele again!! That woman is bloody amazing live and I would actually probably give my right arm to watch her perform (crowds or not!).


  1. I had tickets to see Adele this Saturday in Wolverhampton.. But split with my ex so sold them on ebay. I'm actually really gutted, I cried when I sold them but it didn't feel right to go anymore. She is amazing, beautiful and everything in between.

  2. Did she actually perform though? Have heard that she has had to pull out of a lot of shows in this tour because of her throat. That is such a shame, hope you are ok xx


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