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Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Day

I have been stressing myself out over the last couple of days staying glued to the news or my iphone to find out what has been happening with the riots across the UK. I am most concerned because I have family who live in London, and my ex boyfriend is a fireman in Central London.

I took a well needed break from the internet and news today and went to visit my dad and sister where they are currently staying in Lulworth. My mum and I met them at the beach, after a terrifying and long walk up and down the cliffside! It was so windy today as well that the walk was even more scary, especially as I was holding Cameron... Luckily when we met my dad he carried Cameron down the even steeper path to the sea.

What I originally planned to wear until we got there and it was so windy!
Shorts- New Look

On the walk down to the beach (no chance of me taking one on walk up there as I was terrified of the height!)

Me, with Cameron, looking windswept, in what I ended up wearing
Cardigan- New Look

The 'beach'

My beautiful mum :) with my beautiful baby

You see that tiny blob in the sea? That is my dad! He decided to get in the sea despite the wind!

Me, Cameron and my sister all shivering in the wind!
We stayed at the beach (though it isn't a proper beach in my mind as it has no sand, only uncomfy rocks to sit on!) for awhile before making the long walk back to Lulworth Cove and their hotel. We had lunch there which was lovely. I had the tuna baguette and we shared some lovely chips (I don't usually like chips but these were yummy!). I also had a delicious pot of Purbeck Vanilla Bean ice cream which was so nice I wanted to buy more and store it somehow for the journey back home (which actually ended up taking 2 hours, boo!).

It was lovely spending some more time with my dad and sister and Cameron really enjoyed being around his aunt and grandad, he couldn't stop laughing! A lovely day away from all the stress and destruction in the country at the moment....

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