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Sunday, 17 July 2011

100 Things Part 2

Time for the next ten of my favourite things/things that make me happy:
Disney- especially the princesses!

Christmas!!! Already counting down the days!
Girly perfume like Ghost Cherish :)
Leather Miniskirts, I have had mine for years and it makes me feel so sexy!
Strawberry Daiquiris are so yummy!
I love wrapping and giving presents more than I like receiving them!
Rain, especially thunderstorms are amazing as long as I am safely inside!
Love pink roses, definitlely the key to my heart!
Hotel beds are always ten times better than your own bed, fact!
Most relevant quote for me... this song makes me smile :)


  1. hun where did you get your mini skirt from? i'd love to have 1 myself, i hate to say it but i own leather leggings hahaaha never worn them though x

  2. I can't remember but think it could have been Bay (which has closed now, boo!) This isn't mine in the pic, mine is in the post below. I love leather mini skirts! xxx

  3. Omg that hotel bed is fabulous and the view.. imagine lying in that bed and sipping on a strawberry daquiri. HEAVEN!!!

  4. I agree about the hotel beds! N the present thing, its so fun getting a load of presents for people at Christmas n having them all lovely n wrapped up :) xxx


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