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Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Weekend!

This weekend has been good, as I expected. It was the first weekend since I finished my degree and I could relax and actually do some socialising! Having said that, on the Friday night I just did the relaxing part! I had a chance to have a face mask, catch up on blogging and on reading the blogs that I love and I watched Failure to Launch in bed before reading some more of my current book: The Single Girls To-Do List (which is excellent fyi).

On Saturday morning my mum and I had a bit of a worry as to whether we were going to be able to still go to the theatre performance we had booked, as it was open-air, and there was a monsoon outside!

Luckily the rain stopped just before we got to the country park it was held in, and the sun even came out for the performance (though it was still pretty windy!). Cameron had his first taste of Shakespeare, which was lovely. He was a really good boy and only got restless once, which was sorted out by me going and playing with him in the field for a little while to wear him out. The play was A Midsummer Night's Dream, which I love, so was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

During the performance I had got a text from the guy I was going on a date with (luckily my phone was on silent!). He asked if I wanted to go to an Italian restaurant instead of into town. I very much did, as I don't really like town on a Saturday night, it gets so busy and I don't really like the atmosphere unless I am very drunk and in the right frame of mind, so this was perfect. I spent the rest of the day doing food shopping and sorting stuff out over my mum's before getting ready and leaving for the date.

My hair and makeup for the date

My outfit for the date

It was a really nice night. The restaurant was really small and intimate and the food was lovely. I had Lasagne which was yummy. I also had some wine, but not much as I was driving. After the meal we sat and talked for a while before going for a walk along the Quayside, back to my car.

On Sunday I had an amazing, nice long lie in as Cameron's daddy came over my mum's and had him for a few hours. It was so nice to have a catch up on my sleep. I felt so much better for it. I finally hauled myself out of bed at lunchtime and we went to my nan's for our weekly tradition of Sunday lunch. Cameron was asleep during lunch, which was lovely as, although I obviously love spending time with him, it is very hard to feed both him and myself at the same time, so usually my dinner ends up getting cold or I get frustrated. After we had eaten, Cameron woke up (great timing!), so we gave him his dinner and then spent some time playing with him in my nan's lounge, taking some video of him walking around the furniture and dancing. Tonight I watched Finding Nemo with Cameron and now plan on having another relaxing night, flat hunting on the internet and watching The Back Up Plan, which I bought myself the other day.

Cameron watching Finding Nemo

What has everyone got up to this weekend?


  1. thanks for the info on the book I am going to have a read i think lol. you looked stunning for your date im so happy it went well hun xxx

  2. Love the outfit you wore. Do you think you will see him again then? Glad it went well =) xx


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