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Monday, 18 July 2011

I LOVE this woman!

I was watching The Back Up Plan earlier and my mum and me thought we recognised an actress in it. We are usually pretty good at spotting people and I looked on IMDB to be sure. The actress was Melissa McCarthy and she has been in The Gilmore Girls (which I detest) and Samantha Who (which I love) and most recently she was in Bridesmaids. I didn't realise when I watched Bridesmaids who she was, but I seriously find this woman a comic genius! She is a larger actress but is not afraid to make fun of this in her roles and I absolutely loved her in all of the things I have seen her in. She is great!!

In Bridesmaids

In Samantha Who

In Gilmore Girls (*shudder*)

In The Back Up Plan


  1. She is also in a show called Mike and Molly its so funny. She is so fun I like her too. I watch the episodes of Mike and Molly on
    You should check this show out. :)


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