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Monday, 27 June 2011

My Date....

I wasn't sure whether to write an entry about the date I went on at the weekend... as he told me that he has read some of my Blog!! Arghh... So yeah, maybe won't be my usual candid self. But I did want to do a little update on what I've been up to and why I haven't been blogging as much, mainly due to being really stressed out with my dissertation and with looking for a flat for myself and Cameron- I officially HATE estate agents!!

Anyway, back to the date.. So I met the guy on a dating website a few weeks ago and we had been chatting every other day or so for a couple of weeks before arranging a date for this Saturday. I was pretty nervous as I have only ever been on two dates in my life and one turned out to be a total stalker! I also had everyone worrying for my safety because clearly everyone who goes on a dating site is a psychopathic serial killer...

We were both late to meet for the date and I think both pretty nervous too. We only ended up having one drink because my date was wearing a big jumper, and it was a warm evening and we ended up going for a walk to get some fresh air instead. We walked all through Bournemouth Gardens (verrry dangerous when you consider the ratio of psycopathic killers on these dating sites, but I survived to tell the tale); and then when we reached the pier, we walked all along the seafront for a bit and stopped on a bench overlooking the sea and chatted for ages. I didn't even notice time passing as we were talking loads, which is always a good sign. After a long time I was getting a little cold as I was only wearing a 3/4 top, so we started walking back into town.

What I wore

My gigantic heels!
Now, at this point my feet had started to really hurt. I was dressed for drinks so was wearing ridiculously high heels, must be about 6 inches! They are also peep toe.... my feet were soon in agony. We reached the town centre again around midnight and it was pretty busy, lots of drunk people and I suddenly felt very sober. We walked right up the hill into the 'club' part of town, but kept walking as I hate crowds and didn't feel like going into a club. Instead we ended up in an Irish pub called O'Neils and there was a live band playing. The band was pretty crap, it was made up of old men. Also, the majority of the clientelle were over 40 and it was really loud in there. But to be honest, my feet had been about to fall off so it was nice to just sit down, plus the loudness meant we had to sit closer to talk heehee...

After the band finished it was a bit quieter and we could talk properly again and did so right up until we got kicked out of the pub when it closed around 2pm. Then followed the agonising walk back down the hill to the taxi rank. If anyone has experienced the pain I was feeling they will know it gets worse once the shoes have been off and have been put back on again- ouch! My date was lovely and offered to carry me even- which I did not take him up on, pretty sure I weigh more than I look!

So that was my first date, in months, and my 3rd date.. ever... and I think it went quite well.... Even if I did spend the majority of the date complaining about my feet hurting (you've given birth Emma, why were you so worried about a few blisters?!)

The rest of the weekend, as I say was mainly spent working on my dissertation. I have around three weeks left until I hand it in now, so hopefully soon it will all be over and I can write some more. If I had my way I would definitely be blogging rather than working on that! Oh, also, on Friday night my old friend Sam came over and we ended up with pizza and wine watching crappy TV and I gave Made in Chelsea another shot, biggest pile of rubbish ever! I am glad I did not keep watching it. It is so overacted and not even fun to watch, well apart from to laugh at the guy with really long hair who is CLEARLY gay!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend! What did you all get up to?

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