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Saturday, 11 June 2011

2 Good Reasons to Buy this Month's Glamour Magazine!

I love Glamour magazine as I find the stories, in particular, to be really interesting and it comes in a handy size to fit in my bag which is also great. This month, when I heard that not only was Adele on the cover (who I love and don't think other magazines really care about her much), but that the issue also had free sample sized Benefit makeup (only my favourite makeup brand!), there was no way I wasn't going to buy it.

 In the local shop to me they only had the High Beam sample, but they also have a Posie tint and Benetint. I gave my mum the makeup in the end as I already have a full sized High Beam.
This is to show the size of the sample (4ml)

I love the interview with Adele and the rest of the issue has some brilliant stuff too so I would definitely recommend a purchase (though hurry as I have heard shops all over UK are running out as people buy one of each!).

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