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Thursday, 23 June 2011

12 Day Holiday Photo Challenge!

Totally stole this from Charlotte over at Confessions of a Small Town Girl, but it is alright, she said I could!!

Day 1 - A Picture Of Somewhere Where You Wish You Could Be Right Now
Day 2 - A Picture Of You On The Beach
Day 3 - A Photo Of  Your Favourite Day Out
Day 4 - A Photo Of You On A Balcony
Day 5 - A Random Picture You Took 
Day 6 - A Picture Of Something That Took Your Breath Away
Day 7 - A Photo Of Your Favourite Food Or Drink On Holiday
Day 8 - A Picture Of Your Favourite Hotel
Day 9 - A Picture Of You At Night Time
Day 10 - A Picture Of You Having A Good Time
Day 11 -A Picture Of You By The Pool Side
Day 12 - Your Favourite Picture Of All Time From Any Holiday

So, day 1: a photo of somewhere you wish you could be right now....

 Disneyland Paris!!!
I actually love it here! It is my favourite place...ever! I cannot wait to take Cameron... he went last year (above), but was in my tummy... haha!


  1. Yay, I love this challenge :) I've always wanted to go Disney land in Paris!hopefully one day!I've been to the one in Florida but i wish I could have had longer to go round!it chose that one day to chuck it down!:( can't wait to see more of your pics XxX

  2. Ahh I went to Florida once when I was 12, it was just before my grandad died and was a huge family holiday. It rained a bit when we were there but was so weird cos it was like hot rain! Love disney, could sit watching disney films all day long lol xx


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