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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Outfit(s) of the Week(s)...

Ok, so since saying I was starting a new feature of Outfit of the Week I have yet to add any! So here are my top 4 outfits over the last couple of weeks to make up for it....

Excuse the moody face!
Wore this to Sunday lunch.
Top: H&M
High Waisted Shorts: New Look
Pale Pink Boyfriend Cardigan: New Look

Wore this to church this Sunday
Black Denim Jeggings: New Look
Bright Blue Strappy Top: New Look
Bright Pink Boyfriend Cardigan: New Look

Another Sunday lunch outfit!
Bright Pink Boyfriend Cardigan (as above)
Bright Orange Baggy Top: 915 at New Look
Blue denim 3/4 jeggings: New Look
Floral Ditzy Print Wedges: New Look

Hanging around the house revising and then food shopping (I like to turn heads :P)
Ditzy Print Floral Playsuit: H&M
Wedges (as before)

I love your feedback so please don't be shy in letting me know what you think of my outfits!


  1. Love them all!especially that playsuit!I love your hair it suits you so much :). Beautiful! ♥

  2. love the summery colours emma :) and that playsuit! xx

  3. You're like a rainbow to lighten up people's days :D xx


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