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Monday, 9 May 2011

My Diary... May 9th 2011

Cameron was up quite early once again. I was over my mum's again but she had to go out to teach so I sat with Cameron watching episodes of Fireman Sam online. I hate watching them as they remind me of my ex boyfriend who's a fireman, but Cameron loves them. He sits and giggles at the screen and loves the theme tune so I put up with it.

 I managed to have a pretty productive day as my cousin looked after Cameron for me and I got on with my revision for a few hours. I also sorted out some arrangements for the photoshoot I will be doing in the next couple of weeks. Very excited about that as I am a complete poser, born to be photographed!

In the afternoon I went food shopping with mum and Cameron, joy of joys. I bought my mum The King's Speech as a thank you for putting up with me staying at hers the past few days and helping with Cameron so much.

In the evening, Cameron's daddy came over and looked after him whilst I went on the Zumba game on the Wii, and then me and my flatmate Abi ordered an Indian takeaway and mine was so hot my eyes watered! We watched Case 39 and then some of new 'reality TV' show Made in Chelsea (which I found was nothing compared to Essex!) before I came to bed.

Knackered today and mega stressed with exam revision and life in general!

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