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Monday, 9 May 2011

My Drinking Timeline...

Without trying to sound like an alcoholic, I've tasted my fair share of drinks... I think my drinking tastes have changed quite a lot as I have grown up.

My first alcoholic drink was at a friend's party when I was 15. It was Bacardi and Pepsi and I hated it but felt grown up drinking it.... At parties after this one I started drinking Lambrini as it was cheap and got me drunk. I am very ashamed of this fact! Around the time I started being able to legally drink and go out into town I stepped up my sophistication to Midori or Archers and Lemonade, which I loved! Might have to try them again sometime. Very fruity and bubbly, these drinks saw me through my first experiences of nightclubs.

I went through a Sex on the Beach cocktail phase at one point, though think it's a little too sweet for me nowadays. Looks very pretty though, and gets people giggling when you order it at a bar.. Around the end of my teens I started drinking wine. It is true that you need to work through that stage when it tastes horrible, and now I love wine, especially Rose. Cannot stand red wine though, but a nice few glasses of Rose and I am good and drunk.

On the rare occassions I venture out into town and people suggest shots, my shot of choice is Sambucca, though I will have Apple Sours if I can't get Sambuca. Can't stand Tequila or any of the milky texture ones, bleurgghh! And finally, my absolute favouritest drink at the moment has to be Strawberry Daiquiri, so yummy! Love the strawberry you get with the cocktail too, makes the drink for me! So that is the timeline of my drinks....

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