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Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Weekend Plans!

I rarely 'celebrate' the weekend as it is just the same as the week most of the time for me, and nothing too exciting happens.... However, this weekend is going to be a good one! 

Tonight I have a night away from Cameron which means I have been able to relax a bit more than usual and have a huge, well needed pamper session!

I had a hot shower and fake tanned, painted my nails and did a face mask, fake tanned again (that's dedication to the tanning!) and I am going to do an under eye 'bag remover' before bed. I am doing this a) because I love pampering myself and b) because I am doing a photoshoot tomorrow and want to look my best (as I'm sure anyone would want to!).

I am quite excited about tomorrow's shoot. I tried a bit of modelling back when I was 15 but never really got into it, but I am a born poser so am thinking it will be quite fun... I am doing the photoshoot with a brilliant photographer called Carl, who I have mentioned before on here as he has taken photos of Cameron and he photographed his Christening day too. I love his style and all his ideas so am thinking it will be a great day and hopefully some great photos will come out of it. We are planning on shooting through sunset but I will be back at my flat in time to greet Katie Brigden, one of the girls I met through More magazine's Facebook page last year.

Me and Katie, last time she was down, a couple of weeks after I gave birth!

She is coming to stay with me for the weekend and I am so excited as she is such a lovely girl and I haven't seen her for a few months! We are going to have dinner and watch Black Swan with junk food. Cameron will be back to so Katie will get to see him. She hasn't seen him for ages and he changes so much so will be a huge difference! On the Saturday we are going shopping and to the beach if it stays nice, and Saturday night my mum is going to have Cameron for me again so we can go out for cocktails. I am very excited for this as I don't go out often. I bought a gorgeous cocktail dress and cannot wait to wear it!

My gorgeous new dress!

On the Sunday I will be having Sunday dinner with my family (as is tradition) and watching Desperate Housewives with my mum. Perfect weekend!


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