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Thursday, 19 May 2011

My top 5 Ways to 'Get Fit'

I am a self confessed hater of exercise... or at least I was until a week or so ago when I finally decided to get off my lazy arse (literally!) and start up some fitness to go with my new healthy eating...

I had heard amazing things about Zumba but lacked the time and confidence to start a class so instead I got the Wii game for my birthday. I love it!

Here is a rundown of my top 5 ways to keep fit (for those who hate exercise as much as I did)!

1. Zumba

This is the latest phenomenam to hit the mainstream sports world. It mixes dance moves from across the World to create unique routines that have you shaping up within a couple of sessions. You can literally feel the dancing working as it gets you hot, sweaty and feeling so energised! Cannot recommend it enough. If, like me, you lack time to commit to a class, or you just feel uncomfortable dancing round like a loon in front of other people, then get the Wii game, it is great!

2. Walking

Yes walking doesn't sound like a good workout, but I cannot recommend it enough. This was the only exercise I did for the first 7 months of Cameron's life and I managed to tone up my legs so much from it! I've been told my calves look like those of a dancer or horse rider but all they are down to is walking. I must admit I've found it easier since having Cameron as I don't feel such a tit walking around when I have the pushchair with me, and it actually helps you tone up faster. However, walking is known to help fitness and even a small walk each day can help with energy levels as well as getting you out in the fresh air which will help you feel good, bonus!

3. Exercise DVDs

I love being able to pop in a DVD and follow the instructor in exercises to help me either tone up or get moving to burn calories. My favourite ones are the Ten Minute DVDs as these are perfect to mix and match, and for when you don't have much time to get some exercise in, but can't think what would fit in on your own. The DVDs are really well set out and I usually do 20 minutes of two DVDs to make a full session.

4. Pilates

Following on from the Ten Minute DVDs is Pilates (as I use the Ten Minute DVD for Pilates!). I love Pilates. It doesn't quite feel as hard work as exercise and yet it is a recognised way to tone up and lose weight. I use the exercises for abs and thighs and bums as these are my main problem areas. I love how pilates makes you feel. A great workout for those who don't like jumping around all over the place!

5. Swimming

I used to love swimming. Haven't been properly in ages and it is hard to now I have Cameron as when I do manage to go swimming I end up in the kiddy pool! But I would love to get back into swimming as it is such a great form of exercise which doesn't feel like hard work but can get great results. It is also really good for those who have sore joints as the water helps with weightlessness and exercises without pulling on these joints.

I would love to hear from my followers any of your exercise tips as I am always looking for new and fun ways to get fit. Please feel free to comment below if you have a favourite workout or sport!

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